Friday, October 17, 2008

Missing Blogger, Please Help!

Your attention please!
A blogger named "amei79" has reported disappeared from the blog sphere (the exact location is at 2 months ago! Yes, he is missing exactly 2 months up to date (from 17 Aug 08 - 17 Oct 08). For his incomplete personal details, please refer to the poster which is adhered on a brick-wooden wall.

According to an unknown stranger, there is a film and strong evidence (with photo provided) shown that due to certain unknown reason, amei79 is trying his best to make himself invisible to all people who knew him by hidden in the public crowd.
I appreciate if all readers & bloggers (who know amei79) in the blog sphere can help me to search him out of the people crowd (from the photo above). The first 5 readers or bloggers who success to "allocate" amei79 will be rewarded with a piece of bookmark (my limited edition of fine hand-made bookmark).
1. Please inform me, amei79's exact location through "I want to make a report", with simple explanation why you are so sure that the person you mentioned is amei79 or etc?
2. At the same time, you may copy & edit the photo (make a circle on amei79's head), and send the edited photo to
3. Please do provide a link to your blog (if you are a blogger) or email address when you make a report, in order for me to contact you, in case you are the first 5 persons who found amei79.
4. Please reply to instead of my Multiply blog to qualify yourself for a chance to win the reward.
5. Open to readers & bloggers within Malaysia only... :)


amei79 said...
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Kikey Loo said...

welcome back!!

so hard to find which one is you lah...

levian said...

trying to be mysterious ?? welcome back btw. ;)