Sunday, June 28, 2009

Huge Beetle Comes

In the previous post, I mentioned about the giant mango; next would be the huge beetle I found in my house yard yesterday morning. It is generally known as Rhinocerous Beetle (Malay: Kumbang Badak) or Atlas Beetle. Its scientific name is Chalcosoma atlas.
Rhinocerous Beetle (Chalcosoma atlas)

This is the biggest Rhinocerous beetle I ever saw alive, it is 65mm in length. However, according to the information I found from the Internet, its size ranging between 25-130mm. Wow, 130mm? It is really huge, bigger than a computer mouse...can you imagine it?

Anyone studying in Form 6 (Higher Education Certificate) and in the Science stream? Then you may required to collect different kind of insect species for insect samples making (a project of Biology subject). For sure such a huge beetle must become a victim for this Biology project.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Giant Mango

Are you mango fancy? If yes, then you will loving it......^ ^

Last few days FeRn's sister brought home 2 giant mangos which are given by her neighbour. The mango were really big, almost 4x of the normal mango size. As you can see in the 1st picture, it is about 1 feet (30cm) in length.

the giant mango

Its pulp = pulps of 4 normal size mango, and its seed is as big as a normal size mango. So far this is the largest mango I ever see in my life......have you seen it before?

size comparison between the mango seed & an egg

Saturday, June 20, 2009



That is the sound created when some one is hiccuping. I believe you should have experienced it at least once in your daily life. It causes discomfort to us, and make us embarrassed if happen in the public place.

Have any idea on how to get rid the hiccups? Normally it will stop after a certain period without any intervention, by simply ignore & forget about it. In case wewant to shorten the period of hiccuping, some elderly may suggests us to drink 7 sips of water to resolve the hiccups. Well, it works sometime.


How if it doesn't stop after the 7 sips of water? Or is there any other method to get rid the hiccups? You can try to hold your breath for about 1 minute, or alter your breathing pattern (e.g slow & deep breath), it should able to stop the hiccups. I have just learnt about this method from FeRn, which is an advice from a doctor.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Question Been Answered?

Reading books is my interest. Last time I only read novels. I switched from novels to books of categories of business, finance, management, self-motivational, investment, quotations and etc 2 years ago under a friend's influence.

Well, this good habit has trigger up people curiosity and suspicious. So they shoot me a question : "Why you seem never can escape from the credit card debt & be rich even though you have read lots of Rich Dad's series and other finance/money related books?"

books I have read

I never manage to answer their question, instead I shooted a question back and let them think about it, hope that they will be more understanding on my situation as a book bug one day . Here is my question: "Since when you have learnt the moral value of 'be honest' (kejujuran) and do you still lie now a day?"

I have learnt that not all questions must have at least an answer, or not all answers must end with a "." (full stop), it can sometime end with a "?" (question mark) too......^ ^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National Park, one of the attractions in Miri, located around 30KM from Miri City center, on the Miri-Bintulu Road. The park is well known with its flora & fauna species rich forest & few waterfalls, which is a nice place for sightseeing, jungle trekking & picnicking purposes.

My first visit to this park was around 4 years ago, unfortunately that time the park was closed to the public or visitors, as it was under renovation works. My 2nd attempt to this park was on the 2nd day of Gawai Festival, approximately 2 week ago. The entrance fee is RM10 per person.

Lambir Hills National Park

The entrance to the park begun with 2 long wooden bridges towards the jungle trails in the park. One of the bridge is not in use as it was broken at he middle part. My 1st target was the nearest Latak Waterfall, which is around 30 minutes walk from the park HQ.

broken wooden bridge

Different kind of flora & fauna species, 2 small waterfalls & few river streams which almost drying due to the long dry season were found along the jungle trail towards the Latak Waterfall. We have to cross a hanging bridge & a wooden bridge too before getting to the Latak Waterfall.

small waterfall

hanging bridge in the park

Latak Waterfall is about 25 metres high, it pluges into a large deep pool with broad sandy poolside. It is a nice spot for swimming, sunbathing & picnicking. Anyway, as I said earlier, quite a long time not raining in Miri, so the waterfall not look as magnificent as expected.

entrance to Latak Waterfall

Latak Waterfall pluges into a large deep pool

Latak Waterfall with broad sandy poolside

The next target was the Nibong Waterfall, which is about 1.38KM from the Latak Waterfall through the Pantu trail. The trail is begun with a long stone staircase (about 60-70 stair steps) at about 50°. There was a wooden pavilion & a 22 metres high tree tower at about 100M from the staircase. So sad, visitors are not allow to climb the old mildly rotten tree tower.

waterfalls found at Lambir Hills National Park

stone staircase towards the Pantu trail

22 metres high tree tower

Approximately after 25 minutes walk, FeRn heard the continuous rumbles of thunder, she is a bit frightened & worried might rain cats & dogs shortly. So she wanted to cease and return to the park HQ as fast as we could, while I insisted to proceed til we reach to the Nibong Waterfall. At last, the mission failed, I had to agree to cease after few minutes of arguing & hesitating.

When returned to the park HQ, it was still a sunny day, no sign that it will rain at all......sigh!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tanjong Lobang Beach

Hmm...almost a week time not update my blog! I am back to Miri last 2 week, that why I have limited chance to access the internet; between after a long break since my resignation 5 months ago, now I am started getting busy and busier these few days. If everything goes smoothly as planned, I will have a new start soon! Yes, I will be employed within 2 months time.

Trees Park & Children Play Ground at Tanjong Lobang Beach

As mentioned in the previous post, I planned to have a jungle tracking at Lambir Hills National Park on the 1st day of Gawai Festival, but have to cancel the plan and change to have a window shopping at Bintang MegaMall due to some unavoidable reasons. Well, at the last, Bintang MegaMall not visited too, as some one too "shyiok" had the so called "short" afternoon nap woh......Instead we brought 3 small kids (FeRn's nephews) to the Tanjong Lobang Beach at around 4:30p.m. ^ ^

long sandy beach with a pier extended 100m out to the sea surface

What nice at the Tanjong Lobang Beach? Besides the long sandy beach, a children play ground , a children paradise is found just right at the entrance to the beach. Next to the play ground are the food stalls (0pen air styled) which is a nice place for you to enjoy the seafoods & other local foods in the sea wind at the beach side.

There are 2 piers which are extended around 100M out to the sea surface. Some time you can see some people fishing at the another end of the pier(s). Playing with the sea water, kite flying & paragliding are the popular activities at the Tanjong Lobang Beach.


16 months old kid in the sea water

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Gawai Festival

May 09 just gone, it brought away the Duan-Wu Festival; June 09 just came, it brings us the Gawai Festival (Harvest Festival). You see, so many festivals for us to celebrate, they certainly bring us lots of joys. Anyway, you must at least do something, take part & enjoy it, or your life still can be boresome!

2 days of Gawai Festival, not manage to visit any bumi friend's house this year. Suddenly mood comes, have a "bad" idea, plan to go for a jungle tracking at Lambir Hills National Park at 1:00p.m. But due to some reasons, the plan spoilt.....haizzz......why every time I plan for something, must have something tries to crash it unexpectedly?

So what to do next? May be just go for a window shopping at Bintang Mega Mall, which just been expanded lately, with more shoplots, a new multy storey car park and very soon the Luxton Hotel. The fast food & beverage outlets like Big Apple, Sushi King, Marry Brown and etc has finally penetrate the market of Miri City, and has its first outlet in Bintang Mega Mall.