Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


某日, A 和 B 吵得很凶,就在 A 忍无可忍就要动粗的时刻,B 怕了,因为体格不如 A 那么高大强壮! B 临危不乱,急中生智, 立刻向 A 问道: "你到底是不是君子? "
A 一向爱面子,答道:"那当然, 还用说!"
B 听了一喜,马上喊道: "那就别动手动脚,君子动口不动手!"
啪! 无奈 B 的嘴角还是中了A 的一拳! 他边闪边骂道: " 你好一个不要脸的伪君子!"
A 答道: " 我是君子啊,我的确只动你嘴,没动你手!"
B 不服气, 又不愿挨打, 马上还话: " 你是君子, 就别再动手打人! 听见没?"
这回只听见 B "啊呜~~~!" 一声, 拔腿就跑!
A 望着 B 远离的背影, 喊道: " 我还是君子, 我始终只动口不动手!"
发生什么事? 原来 A 狠狠咬了 B 一口!
注: 我们一般对"动口不动手"的理解是, 只骂嘴不动粗! 但稍微用了多边思考, 就被理解为, 只动他人口嘴, 而不动他人手脚; 再来, 只用口咬, 不用手动粗, 也成! 看到了吧, 这就是多边思维!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Im Not Fastidious About Food

Although Im not fastidious about the food, I still able to differentiate which food is delicious, which is just nice & which is appalling...! Anyway nice or not nice, I will still finish it just to avoid any wastage, unless the food is too disgusting to eat! Just you don't know is that, the cafe or restaurant that served poor quality foods will be in my "the first & the last" list...^ ^

Designed Dialogue

Tauke : Here is your cha kueh tiaw...
Diner : Thanks! ^ ^

(few minutes later......the tauke walk towards the diner...)

Tauke : You eat eagerly...you must be very hungry?
Diner : Err...not really......(keep eat eagerly)
Tauke : Hmm....
then you must be hurry in time...?
Diner : Err...not really
too (keep eat eagerly)
Tauke: Then why you eat eagerly? no good to your digestive system...
Diner : I know, but I can't......
Ok...I think I know the reason, you must love our cha kueh tiaw very much...^ ^
Diner :
Not at all......
Tauke: Then why?
Diner : it taste terrible...can't hold it longer in my mouth...it make me nauseousness & wanna vomit...
Tauke: ............

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Principles As An Employee

Principle 1: Preserve your strength

Never be in a hurry to showing off your capable & strength to your boss, especially if you are a new employee & dealing with sales & marketing activities. Let say you are confident in boost up a monthly sales to the maximum in a month time, e.g from RM10,000 (in July) to max RM20,000 (increase 100% in Aug).

If you have a choice, instead of achieve & submit a max monthly sales performance of RM20,000 to the boss in Aug 09, you are advised to separate the 100% (=RM10,000) increment into several portions, e.g 10% x 10 (increment of RM1,000 each month), even you can have 0% increment for certain months whichever market is slow. We should able to survive longer than those who promised 100% increment in a month time, as in the following month, their sales is either maintaining or decreasing!

(Is this the result your boss wanted to see? Don't forget boss always take the highest record for the future comparison!)

Principle 2: Agreement but not argument

If there any complain from the clients, for an example on the company's new business policies or strategies. If the fingers are pointing to the management, not to you, then your first action is to agree with clients' views & criticism, show them you are at clients' side (although you have some contributions to the new policies or you knew that those clients are just deliberately making trouble).

At the same time, tell them that you and colleagues have tried everything to against the new policies, and company has also tried to do some adjustment, but just can't find any solution better than the current one (although this never happen, and you do nothing for clients good). Here's the time you start to further explain on the "WHY" and say good on your company's stand & decision on the new policies launched. Normally this can help to calm down their anger, so that they will accept the changes in an easier & comfort way.

(Provide them the customer service hot line or email address for them to express their unsatisfactory & disappointment is the best way to help them release the anger)

Principle 3: Make your management wronged

When your own careless & mistake has provoked client's anger & complain. You should find chance to tell the client is not your fault, but is management's decision & instruction. Inform them you will pass the massage or feedback to the management and revert the outcome as soon as possible.

This actually just an one man show: you created the problem, you settle the problem! The management never been acknowledged, and you should prevent such a complain reached the management; otherwise, you will be more headache, as both client & management will push you for an explanation & solution. This certainly will spoil company's impression on your image & reputation!

(Even though clients may dislike our management, product or service, as long as we serve them better with zero error, they still willing to support us continuously! This is what we called "感情"......)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Watch vs Public Relations

Last night we accompanied FeRn younger sister look for a new watch in a watch shop at Bintang MegaMall. She looking for a round watch. FeRn asked her why not square or rectangle watch as it looks more presentative? Her answer is that, round = smooth, so to create an efficient & good public relations, it is advised to wear round-shaped watch; while square or rectangle has 4 angles, which represents the barriers / obstructions in creating a good public relationship.

Her explanation sound logic.......~_^
Oop~~~it suddenly reminds me that my face is square-shaped! e_e'''
No wonder my public relations is so poor & weak.....should I go for a plastic surgery??? ^ ^
It's up to you to believe it or not......for me......hmm~I have no watch, so who cares?