Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Juggle With The Numbers & Words

Many people very alert or sensitive to the word "Sale", "Discount" or "Promotion" which advertised or displayed by the dealers. But not many people really study the meaning of the numbers & words used by the dealers, they even some time get confused with those numbers & words.

50%+20% Discount

Some consumers may thought that it is 70% off while it is NOT. 50%+20% off here means 50% off on top of 20% off, in other words, the dealer offers you another 20% off after a 50% off on the normal rate, which overall is just 60%! By knowing this, you won't get over surprised or excited when you noticed a 50%+50% discount offered, which it is actually 75% off instead of FOC (free of charge)......

Buy 2 Free 1

Some time I also get confused with the "Buy 2 Free 1" promotion. Base on my understanding, it should be if I buy 2 units of a product (e.g RM50/unit), I can get another unit for FOC, meant at the end I can bring back 3 units at RM100. But some dealers seem have different interpretation on the "Buy 2 Free 1", I have experienced it before. He told me that it means if I buy 2 units of a product (e.g RM50/unit), the 2nd unit will be free, mean at the end I can bring back 2 units at RM50......Is it correct? Isn't it seem like "Buy 1 Free 1"? Whatever, the normal practice is that "ask before you buy"!

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