Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Resignation

I have to leave my recent company which I have worked with for almost 4 years & 8 months (April 04 - Dec 08) due to some unavoidable reasons. This being my first permanent career since graduated in year 05. I'm the branch manager, deal more on managing & marketing activities.
Well, this was really a hard decision to make, as lots of things need to be taken into account:
1. Cash Flow Issue: daily expenditure, car loan, PTPTN loan, credit card debts & etc
2. Economy Crisis : during global economy down time, most companies are recently practicing 3C [ cut cost, cut salary, cut staff (redundancy) ] to minimize the money invest in the business in order to maximize the profits. So it would be quite difficult to find a better career during this period.
But have no choice, I have to resign earlier than planned because of:
1. Totally lost interest & confident to the company quite a long time ago.
2. The company is began to cut cost now, and expect to practice the other 2C (cut salary & cut staff) very soon. Since Nov 08, the management tends to simply transfer staffs from one outlet to another outlet without a good reason (all these while, this is company's ploy to force staffs to resign at their own, so needless to pay 3 months salaries for firing you)
3. Stress & tension! Since the price increment of 50-100% in the lab services, majority GP clinics have slowly switched to other lab service providers which offer better rate. So since June 08 til Dec 08 (1/2 year period), the outlet under my supervision experienced almost 50% decrement in the sales. I have to bear the responsibility for the bad sales although is not my faulth, the management themselve made a wrong (to be more precise, is innocent) business strategy.
After a long consideration & hesitation, I tendered my resignation letter (one month notice) to the HR Department on 10 Nov 08. My last day work was on 28 Dec 08 (after clear all my replacement & annual leave; official last day should be on 9 Jan 09).
Now I still jobless & trying to seek new career via the newspapers & online sources (e.g. findjobs, monster, jobstreet & etc. Anyway still failed to find a job which match to my qualification (Health Science in Biomedicine), or in other word, difficult to find a job which related to my study field (e.g. medical laboratory technologist, scientist, medical / sale representative, research officer...etc). If let say really can't find a new or better permanent job in short period, then will try other alternatives like doing part time job, running own business or ......


Kikey Loo said...

wish you good luck!

-m- said...

hey dun lose hope. come over peninsular then. there is a way out dun worry.

QuaChee said...

hey try finding jobs in singapore as well. or if u r into researching, there's some up for grabs i think annually.