Friday, June 6, 2008

Stress Over The Money

I'm wondering why lately I feel that the "Money" suppress me hard & harder till I can't breath smoothly! Do I gain more & more money now-a-day which make it heavier & heavier? No, I don't! My income still remain the same and my money get lesser & lesser day by day instead...then why I have that feeling? I'm stress over the money I guess?!! ~ Sigh ~
The price of the rice has just been revised not long ago in June 08 and the increment is almost 70-100%. Well, so far I found that most blogger only blog on the "Petrol Price Hike", only few blogger found to blog on the "Rice Price Hike". Huh? why no one voice out their complain? Hmm, I'm wondering of most Malaysian do not eat rice or have their meal(s) without rice now a day? I have no idea, maybe only the rice price in Sarawak has been increased or Malaysians concern more on petrol than rice? Anyway it was a big shock for those who eat rice as a main staple. Most of the Miri citizen went to the supermarket & hypermarket to shop for the rice as many as they could crazily last few days, until the related authority has announced that each consumer is only allowed to buy the max of 2 packs of rice per purchase yesterday in the press.
Petrol price hike! Pak Lah has announced that the petrol price is revised from RM1.91 to RM2.70 with effect 5 June 08, which increased by RM0.78 or 41%. This was the 2nd big shock to all Malaysians who owned a bike or vehicle or more! Pak Lah also announced that government is going to float the fuel price in accordance with the global market price in August 08, is it a good news or bad news? Well with this tactics the petrol price can be rised up to RM4 or above according to the news! Now all people claimed that we are affordable to buy a car, but unaffordable to buy the petrol to "feed" the it. So what should we do? Buy a bicycle and use the bus "No 11" for short distance traveling? ( I will suggest my boss can float my salary accordance with the global market too, with the min RM2,000 and no max limit ... just kidding! )
[ Are you also in the long Q to fill your car's tank before the petrol price "climb" up to RM2.70 after 4/6 midnight? Honestly I did, I'm in the long Q for 1 hour (22:45 - 23:45P.M) ! Anyway I'm there to take the closest photo on the scene in Shell Petrol Station for blogging purpose at the beginning, not to fill the tank. Since I have been in the Q for almost 15 minutes, Fern suggests me just fill the tank even though still full. So at the end as estimated, only RM13.50 of petrol pump into the tank. ]
Have you do a health screening or blood tests before? Do you believe in "Laboratory Testing Price Hike"? For your information, my company (private healthcare group) has just launched its new price list (which will take effect on 1 June 08) end of May 08, so all marketing staffs (of course include myself) are urged by the management to inform the clinics under the coverage within 31 May. I'm shocked when go through the new price list thoroughly, the price of the lab tests are increased by 20% to more than 100%! OMG, how should I expect GP doctors and customers willing to accept this "surprise" if myself still not ready for the change?
Luckily, I'm always being so lucky, Miri GP doctors listen my explanations calmly with good understanding; Unlike other marketing staffs who got shoot or bomb by GP doctors. Anyway, doctors always have more then one choice, there are many other laboratories that providing the same services, e.g Gribbles, Pathlab and etc, which recently still selling the lab tests at cheap old rate. Of course my company have an advantage against the other local labs, by which our group is accredidated with ISO15189 (which recognize internationally) by Department of Standard Malaysia, this is the strong point to gain doctors' continuous support.
The problem is that we are not the ONLY one, Gribbles also accredidated with ISO15189. These are the only two labs accredidated with ISO15189 in full scopes (Chemical Pathology, Cytophatology, Histopathology, Hematology, Medical Microbiology, and Virology) in Malaysia so far. The existence of single potential competitor like Gribbles is enough to cause me an serious headache. I'm so tension now, as I'm sure my monthly lab sale performance will drop dramatically in the recent month, next month & onward if other labs still remain unchanged in their pricing. Will I lose my career soon?
You know what? Today I heard people said that the cooking oil will rise in the price too by tomorrow, by 50% increment. I have visited few supermarkets to observe the condition after work, well terrible...only few bottles of cooking oil remain on the racks! Some said that they have called Miri Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Department (DTCA, 美里贸消部) for clarification and DTCA has denied on the price increment in the cooking oil. So is it just a hearsay or a truth?
Perhaps you know why am I stress over the money now, because of I'm having the "Vitamin-M malabsorption" disorder. The main symptoms of the disorder are:
1. complaining of money no enough all the time
2. weak immunity to against the rised in daily expenditures
3. phobia to the price hike in all aspects
Vitamin-M insufficiency reminds me on the "M-Shaped Society" (M型社會) too, which is an observation put forward by the Japanese business strategist and writer Kenichi Ohmae. According to this theory, only 2 societies exist: the "Rich Society" who comprised of 10% rich men who monopolized the 90% of the worldwide wealth and the "Poor Society" who comprised of 90% of the poor men who shared the another remaining 10% of the worldwide wealth (The "Intermediate Society" has extincted! ) The economic & social gaps among these 2 societies becomes greater & greater over the time. So which society are you in?


levian said...

this is so typical of msia .. i guess that night, many didn't take their dinner, just to queue for the petrol. let's just voluntarily turn ourselves into another china. XD

Dalicia said...

everything is expensive. but surely our salary is not increasing :P oh well, you just have to be more careful with your spending.

i need a car to go to work. i really wonder how high it's going to go up. they say $5/gallon in july (USD) here goes my summer plans

amei79 said...

Err...what u mean by turn into another china? ride bicycle as an alternative iz?

when inflation comes, even though we spend less, money still no enough. unless we learn to do investment...

Kikey Loo said...

well, we are resident... what we can do, we still need to eat rice, the car still need fuel~~ only accept it...

btw, i love and like to play all the interesting and exciting rides, next time i can accompany you to play!! hehe.. :)

elezend said...

Well, usa's minimum wage is like 7 USD per hour so we can't take them as a comparison for our fuel hike



ok, stupid sarawak for joining malaysia =.=

Steven Goh said...

Hai...wat to do, moreover the petrol price are to be reviewed by monthly. Now have to cycle instead of driving.

Anonymous said...

OOooo...another rare blog which address the issue of rice price hike!
good job!

amei79 said...

ya, we hv been forced to accept it, no choice.

that is good u willing to accompany me play the rides...haha

cant blame any we dont really know how things works. people said that change the gov can make a different, may be but not in all aspects i guess.

steve goh
ya we have to change lifestyle & go green to survive longer...:p

10s 4 the compliment...we should eat less rice now-a-day...:(

Apple said...

I think not much people mention about the rice price hike because rice price just increased recently, so increase again will make us numb. But for fuel. WTF? Once increase, increased RM0.78 is way too much!

We are forced to change our life style now.

Here in Kuching, almost everyone go sapu rice and cooking oil. I didn't go for the petrol Q because that time my tank was still quite full.

levian said...

yup totally. just filled the streets with bicycle. XD

Anonymous said...

Not only you.. I feel the same thing too.. sigh.. why no salary increment one !

amei79 said...

the rice price hike was terrible too, 70-100%, for small family should be ok, if big family, 4 sure the expenses will increase dramatically.

lolz, can cause traffic jam...!

good to be a child, as most parent will give extra pocket money to their childs.