Monday, August 10, 2009

Im Not Fastidious About Food

Although Im not fastidious about the food, I still able to differentiate which food is delicious, which is just nice & which is appalling...! Anyway nice or not nice, I will still finish it just to avoid any wastage, unless the food is too disgusting to eat! Just you don't know is that, the cafe or restaurant that served poor quality foods will be in my "the first & the last" list...^ ^

Designed Dialogue

Tauke : Here is your cha kueh tiaw...
Diner : Thanks! ^ ^

(few minutes later......the tauke walk towards the diner...)

Tauke : You eat must be very hungry?
Diner : Err...not really......(keep eat eagerly)
Tauke : Hmm....
then you must be hurry in time...?
Diner : Err...not really
too (keep eat eagerly)
Tauke: Then why you eat eagerly? no good to your digestive system...
Diner : I know, but I can't......
Ok...I think I know the reason, you must love our cha kueh tiaw very much...^ ^
Diner :
Not at all......
Tauke: Then why?
Diner : it taste terrible...can't hold it longer in my make me nauseousness & wanna vomit...
Tauke: ............


Hazel said...

yalor, should eat slowly

Jayce said...

LOL... I won't not eat it in this case. ^_^"

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