Saturday, August 1, 2009

Watch vs Public Relations

Last night we accompanied FeRn younger sister look for a new watch in a watch shop at Bintang MegaMall. She looking for a round watch. FeRn asked her why not square or rectangle watch as it looks more presentative? Her answer is that, round = smooth, so to create an efficient & good public relations, it is advised to wear round-shaped watch; while square or rectangle has 4 angles, which represents the barriers / obstructions in creating a good public relationship.

Her explanation sound logic.......~_^
Oop~~~it suddenly reminds me that my face is square-shaped! e_e'''
No wonder my public relations is so poor & weak.....should I go for a plastic surgery??? ^ ^
It's up to you to believe it or not......for me......hmm~I have no watch, so who cares?


iamlz said...

Wah? Fengshui or superstition?

Hmm..u can wear a super round watch to cover up the effect of 'squareness' of your face. XD

Anonymous said... face so round la...


Josephine said...

har? is this feng shui or what?

got such things geh meh?
Then i must fast fast go buy one round watch liow...