Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dine in Excapade Sushi

Finally, I have been in Kuala Belait (KB), Brunei for Japanese foods last Sunday (28 Oct). We dined in Excapade Sushi. Well, the restaurant is not big, only around 5-6 dinning tables.

The below pictures show some of the Japanese dishes we ordered. Honestly, I seldom dine in Japanese Restaurant & Im not a fan of Japanese foods, so I cant tell you their names.

Same like other Japanese Restaurants, the price of the certain dishes are represented by the 4 different colors: Green- B$2.00, Blue- B$3.00, Yellow- B$3.50, and Red- B$3.80.

According to Fern, the size of the dishes seem generally bigger than the one found in Miri Japanese Restaurants.

Salmon Fish Head in honey sause at B$5.50, I like this dish...yummi yummi :p

3 siblings (from left: eldest to youngest, the youngest one is Fern's sister-in-law) are enjoying the Japanese dishes with talk & laugh.... :D

Video Clip: Train Served Japanese Dishes



Unknown said...

>.< sushi~~~
btw, Brunei currency is quite higher than Malaysia, rite?
then it is quite expensive eat @ there.

Johnny Ong said...

honey on the salmon fish head? that's new stuff man. and that plate of sushi pic after the fish head is too much ...... cannot tahan

amei79 said...

renge: include the dishes ate there (5 adults) & tapao one, B$68.50. (B$68.50x2.30=RM157.55), not really expensive...last time at miri, 3 persons cost us RM130...

johnny ong: Hmm, u must be fan of japanese foods...:p