Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Peaceful Smile

I received the below mail quite sometime ago, when I reviewed it again this morning, I felt that it was really touching & true! Can you hear it? The picture can speaks...and what had you hear from the picture?
Though of the day
They had true happiness of life
Keep smiling always
A peaceful smile on their face
In the picture, just look at their condition.. .
no place to sleep, still they have made some space for the cat & the dog...
water poring from the roof but still each 1 of them have a peaceful smile on their face...
Simply Amazing...!!!
The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems,
but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.
Keep Smiling Always.
My Words:
It might be true that "No Money We Can Do Nothing", but no matter you are rich or you are poor, you still can live happily...if you learn to think positively whenever in an unfavorable circumstance. Most the times, how good you can live your life is not determine by how much money you have; it is determine by how well you can adapt & communicate to the living surrounding...of course, how high is your IQ & EQ plays an importance role in determining the quality of your life too...
"We Always claim That We Have No Shoes, Until We Saw A Person Have No Legs" be simple & easily satisfied...this can help to reduce your unsatisfactories, complains & annoyances!


girlfromdipolog said...

hahaha.. that's a funny image, with the umbrella and all!

but looking closely... i don't know if it's the critic in me, but i have an impression the parents are lazy. they have too many children! the sun is already shining by the window and they're still asleep. The father could have moved the bed to avoid the dripping from the roof or he could have fixed it... i have the feeling the smile meant more.

amei79 said...

girlfromdipolog: hmm, u have ur points...u view the picture in different angle...u r right, we must at least try to change/improve the things that are less than perfect, instead of just simply surrender to the unfavorable situations!

Orked said...

Most people only look at the dark side of their lives. They don't see the ocean of blessings that they live in...we shd be grateful & follow our true purpose in life & we'll feel happy all the time.

amei79 said...

jie: yup, they almost forget that each piece of coin got 2 faces, head & tail...same for other things.