Monday, December 3, 2007



Fern bought a Mandarin book quite sometime ago (half year ago if not mistaken), but till now she haven't finish read it yet, as she has gave up after read not more than 1/4 of the chapters. The book title is 《坏女人,有人爱》(Why Men Love Bitches), by 飘著细雪. In the 1st chapter, there is a quote from Mark Twain.
Women one day will come across a tough decision:
To marry with a guy who everybody love they become worried,
To marry with a guy who no body love they become un-willing.
My Words:
Im not going to write something about man & girl's relationship, as Im not an expert in this field... :p
A stuff which easy our eyes, everybody will gonna love it & will try to grab one for him (her) self. The problem is the stuff sometime isn't be good, just because of everyone has got one, we don't wanna left behind, wanna get one too. We later be so regretful as that stuff suits other people, but may not suit us; or we later worry, as so many people have it (e.g. a dress), is it possible some one may dressed like us in a ballroom? How awkwardness would it be?
In the opposition, a stuff that no body like, no matter how good is it, normally very unlikely we will like it we don't want to be out of the ordinary & looked weird into others eyes. We worry other people might sneer on us, what an idiot who owned a "rubbish" that no body like? Or what a fool who not in the trend?
This is the reality, that we sometime care too much on other people perspective on us, until we lost our freedom in chasing our own dream(s). We should be what we want to be & live our very own lifestyle, we have no good reason to change neither our life concepts nor lifestyle in order to entertain other person. As far as we do not deviate from the norm of a society, we have no point to bother about the criticism from the outsiders! Im who I am!
If you have a choice (you always have a choice), why must you marry with a guy who everybody (no body) love? Why not you marry with a guy who you love the most (or who love you)? In other words, choose what you love & love what you choose! (选你所爱,爱你所选).


Orked said...

I find out my husband loves me more than I love him...ha ha ha..

Nux V said...

wow, so philosophy ler...gua tak faham! LOL...
ok, kidding ler...

amei79 said...

jie: ya i find out my gf loves me more than i love her too...lolz

nux v: yaler, poor grammar & english, no body faham...:p