Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tough Life

Money never enough to support our daily expenses, especially with the raised of the price in everything, it becomes an extra financial burden to us. Day by day, month by month, and year by year, life becomes tough, tough & tough, it never seem turn into better even we have tried to improve & enhance it. New Year 2008 is coming, any better suggestion to reduce such financial burden so we can live better than ever?
1. Work harder?
The problem is as an employee, is it possible that we can receive higher pay by working harder? Very unlikey, unless we are in the marketing & service line (e.g Sale Representative or deal with Direct-Sale), otherwise we are more likely to have an increasing workloads by without any salary increment. I rather work smarter than work harder.
2. Do few part-time jobs to maximize the income?
Not really a good idea, as you may dying of tiredness you will need to sacrifice your freedom & time being with your loved one on your works.
3. Do more Over-Time (OT)?

It may works, but bear in mind: If Employers themselves work OT, they claimed that they are serious with the business; if employees work OT, they claimed that the employees are slow motion or less efficiency in doing job(s)! So please never OT unless it is necessary!
4. Money saving?

Money already no enough for daily expenses, then where the extra money comes from for saving purpose? O.K, just assume that we do have extra money to be saved in bank account, is it safe? No, is risky, as if the inflation has comes & causes the currency depreciation, your RM10K no more equal to RM10K, but less, for sure you will be suffered & cry with no tear.
5. Having investment or establish own business?

But some predict that there might be an Economy Crisis in Year 2008, and those who currently been employed are advised not to have any wild action like quit the recent job & become a Boss, it is risky. But some says never try never know & no pain no gain…of course you can have a try at your on risk, nobody will bother your business!
6. Financal Planning?
Ya this gonna be the best choice. But the problem has raised, during my 15 years in the schools (from primary school, secondary school, high school to university), I never been taught the knowledge of effective financial planning! So where to start? I have no idea. The only thing I did is read more books on this topic, hope that if not become an expert, at least equip myself with the basic financial knowledge...such as plan every expenditure, monitor the cash flow (income & outgoing cash), monitor the debt (loans, credit card) and blah blah blah...Aii...theory always easier than practice!


Unknown said...

well, life is tough.
even it is hard to find part time job.

WaiKee said...

Of course we need to play properly in terms of everything..... life must be challenging also otherwise no meaning for us to live :-/

Nux V said...

the fate of makan is indeed hard :-(


7. blog for money~

amei79 said...

renge: u r rite...but i think students on holiday more easy to get a part-time job le, such as at supermarkets, least miri here i saw lots of students doing part time as saleman/gal at shopping mall.

merdurian: hmm, people who think this way normally will survise long...gambate! u have bright future.

nux v: wat rich dad said...i want to be self-employ...hihi

bb community: I wish too, but still need lots of effort...haha, gambate!