Thursday, December 13, 2007

Talk by Willson Lim

Some one has inserted 2 pages of posters to my car wiper last Saturday (8 Dec) at Pelita Commercial Center, just outside the Servay Supermarket. When I took it closely to have a look, wow great, Im so supprise, it was a piece of information regarding Willson Lim's (林伟贤) talk on Commercial System!!! I like this chinese speaker very much, if you had read my old entry on KLCC Book Festival '07, you will know that I have bought few books writen by Willson Lim.
The talk was held on 11th Dec 07 (yesterday night 7:30P.M) in the Imperial Hotel. The entry ticket was sold at RM15 each. It would be a great talk, but I can't attend it yesterday night, so sad & I can't believe that I have missed it...T_T
Between, Im flying to Cheras, KL to attend a meeting among the company's management & staffs this morning by MAS (6:20A.M flight). Will stay over night at Crystal Crown Hotel, and return to Miri on 14 Dec, 20:40P.M flight.

3 comments: said...

huh you got do research who is Willson Lim huh? I don't even know who is that-.-

amei79 said...

merdurian: u can head on to know more above him & other info.

Anonymous said...

ok sure