Sunday, June 15, 2008

Don't Subsidise Fuel, Don't Tax Cars

Yesterday I received an email from my eldest brother. It was an article (news paper cutting) with the title "Don't Subsidise Fuel, Don't Tax Cars" by Jimmy Wah (Bayan Lepas, Penang). Jimmy wrote this article to voice out his opinions (unsatisfactory) on the Dzof Azmi's arguement in "Fueling Trouble with Petrol Subsidises"!
My Words:
Quote from Dzof Azmi: ......In fact, petrol in Malaysia is cheaper than in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. (The only country in the region where it is less expensive is Brunei, where it’s at just above RM1 per litre.) Still think it’s expensive? Consider this: Crude oil is currently priced at more than US$100 (RM322) per barrel. Now, you can calculate how much this would cost per litre in RM. Go ahead, do it......
Why gov & BN supporters like to use this comparison to fool the "rakyat"? No doubt that "rakyat" will never be so offensive & willing to accept the fuel price even if it is RM4 (or more) per litre if Brunei is the only country that produce the petroleum in the region. Yet Brunei is not only has cheapest fuel price, but car tax free; other countries in the region have cheaper car tax too . So how gov is going to explain this? Well, obviously they will say that the car tax imposed on the foreign cars is to protect the national cars' local market. The sad is with the fuel price hike, the market & sale of the national cars will shrinken too......
One thing that I still so confuse & curious about is when the global crude oil price is keep increasing, why Malaysia as a crude oil producer & exporter feel so worry? Isn't the Petronas can make more profits from the exportation of the crude oil? During the blog hopping, whenever I saw the post(s) related to the issue of "fuel price hike", I'll left a similiar comment sound like "Gov exports the local good quality fuel to the foreign countries to make profits, imports the low quality fuel from the foreign countries for local usage, to pollute the air & to harm the local people health. When global crude oil price increased, gov makes more profits from the exportation that only benefit certain parties; the costs increased from the importation to share fairly among all the "rakyat"...".
Anyway the above is my own statement & opinion, I don't know if the thing is really goes this way or whatever --- the fact is, even though Pak Lah has announced that follow the fuel price hike, to reduce the burden of the so called "rakyat", they can claim the cash rebate (e.g vehicle below 2000cc, RM625) upon road tax renewal at Pos Office. However, this "political candy" seem haven't yet to calm down "rakyat's" fury emotion; they keep criticizing on the gov's decision to increase the fuel price, some more gov may float the fuel price accorden the global market & may remove the petrol subsidise in coming Aug 08. [ I'm sure some of the "rakyat" still feel comfortable with the "fuel price hike", as they think that this is the best BN has did for them! ] --- Tomorrow Be A Better Day, Cheers!!!


levian said...

msia has gotta grow up. grow out of the corruption, grow out of pampering the tribe. the petrol could even be sold "silently" just to feed their greediness. n i wonder when can our Beautiful country outgrowth others. seriously, we are at a logical spot n everything. it's such a waste to corrupt everything. yes, everything .. *sigh*

Zooropa said...

Yeah I share the same curiosity as well. So sad to see this country falling from many perspectives whereas M'sia was once a potential nation.


elezend said...

change the government. nuff said

Anonymous said...

yeah, you are right... don increase, no need rebate

amei79 said...

perhaps corruption is the way for certain parties to bcome rich & richer...long complicated laws or produres listing is another cause of corruption, people need thing to be easy & simple, hence "corrutpion" being the "shortcut" for the thing to be approved.

i read a news last week said that recently m'sia imports manpowers from Indonesia; if gov keep failing in manage the country, most m'sians will become foreign workers in Indonesia instead in yr 2010.

anwar claim that he (with other opposition) able to establish a new gov latest by 16/6/08...Anyway, will he be a good leader? we just wait & see.

in my opinion, if no increase no rebate, gov seem do nothing as nothing changed; so they increase & rebate, they seem have an action taht show they care the "rakyat". they are playing the psycho game i guess.