Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I Say Not What You Think

While hanging in Boulevard Hypermarket, I & Fern noticed that there were people crowd at a corner. So we walked toward that corner to find out what is happening? Well, the said corner which surrounded with people crowd is actually a promotional stall by Ladyship (贵夫人). There were 2-3 promoters doing the Ladyship's products demonstration; one of the products being demonstrated is multi-function Ladyship Extractor, which you can depend on it to produce you high fiber fruit & vegetable juices, vegetable soup stock, ice-blended beverages, rice paste and dairy mixture.

Ladyshop Essence Extractor

The photo above showing one of the promoter is having the extractor demontration infront the people crowd. He blends various kind of fruit & vegetable juices (e.g tomato, bitter, orange, coffee, apple juice and etc) for public tasting purpose. Suddently I found some one is listening the promoter's explantion with serious look (full attention). He tried all the juices blended. Please stare on the photo above carefully, have you notice something interesting?

Okie, is fine if you failed to or can't find it, as I knew that the photo taken with my Olympus Digicam has low resolution. Look at the photo above again, I have circled a guy's head with a red circle. Can you see his face clearly?

I have enlarged the image, perhaps you can see his face now? Can you? Do you know who is he? Does his face look familiar or strange to you? When I point my finger to this guy, Fern was shocked! She asked that isn't he the blogger celebrity, Kenny Sia? Err...well myself also uncertain, I can't tell if he is Kenny Sia or not, the face look alike. Anyway, I guess he is not, as I believe Kenny Sia who claimed that his camera never be obedience to the rules should always has a camera with him regardless of the "whenever" or "wherever"! Don't know who is Kenny Sia? Here he is......



cbenc12 said...

look a little bit a like.. maybe his brother? :D

levian said...

do you happened to be a fan of his ??

elezend said...

lol seriously, I thought that was really kenny sia in the first place but this is miri XD!

amei79 said...

does he has a brother? i should interview that guy lah.

no, why? are u? im so admire him, as he travelling so often, i love travelling too...

he can travel to miri one mah, iz he travels everywhere? lolz

Jayce said...

When did this photo taken? Kenny Sia was out of Malaysia to holidays last few weeks lo. :P

elezend said...

Probably in thailand now for his mr potato competitions eh?

For what come miri? miri not much stuff to see >.> except for seahorse

amei79 said...

i think so, either to Thailand or Indonesia.

u r rite...now im bored with miri too, no place to go on weekend.