Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Should I Say "YES" or "NO"?

When having lunch with Fern at "2020 cafe" at Pelita Commerce Centre, a guy with a plastic bag of "cj7" key-chains walked toward our table. He shows me a file which kept with lots of the photos of the "disabled childrens" and their activities. He hopes that we can make some donation to help those "disabled childrens" by buying one or more key-chain(s) at RM10 each, the profits made will be fully donated to the related charity body.
I have said a "NO" to him last Saturday, whilst I had my dinner with Fern at "Sea World Restaurant", Miri Water Front. I recoginize his face very well, but he seem remember me anymore or else he won't approach me again today. I'm so sorry that I have to say "NO" to him again this afternoon. Anyway, it doen't mean that I don't wish to help or do a merit......

I refuse to help because of I have read & heard lots of negative news or reports on how a cheater or lier imitating as a social worker, "lama" or Buddhist monk with a fake acknowledgement letter with the official stamp & signature of a local authority which can be looked so real; they appear at everywhere at anytime to ask for donation, said that with the purpose to raise fund for charity, social works or welfare and etc, which actually those money gained were all go into their own pocket instead.
These group of "rubbish" have make public more aware of the current affairs & guard against themselve from being cheated by the illegal bodies; they choose not to believe any individual who claimed that he or she is a representative from certain welfare organizations, even though sometime is might be true. Just like the guy above, who know he is really work for "disabled childrens" welfare?
So I prefer make a donation through a charity organization that I familiar of, such as the Tzu Chi Buddhist Merit Society (慈濟). I just sign up as a member last week with this society, with donation of RM10 each month. Between I have donated RM50 each for SiChuan earthquake (China) & Myanmar's cyclone.
For those who wish to donate the fund to support the victims of Sichuan earthquake & Myanmar's Cyclone, can just head on the buttons or links provided at the sidebar of my blog. You can donate via either Mercy, MRCS, Tzuchi or Sin Chew. Your little contribution can help to light up their life & bring them more love, care & happiness. May you be well & happy too. Cheers!!!


Mrs Chong said...

yea..another guy, looks like the same guy as above but not sure is it him approached me in MCD the other day..asking us to donate to buy diapers for the kids. Did not donate cuz mummy say dun.

Unknown said...

oh, ya heard bout these as well. not too sure if they are genuine. but i too did donate to them before (similar ones).

Anonymous said...

to me, I rather donate $$ directly to temple or any charity organization. I could not trust those walk-in charity donation anymore

The Author said...

i din donate to the societies ad..
During the tzunami donated alot..
but seems that the government ate all the money >.<
And only 10% of what v donate go to the ppl..
So i prefer donate things and food etc.. and go help out :D

Anonymous said...

I always ask for the address of the organization and say that i'll donate directly to them.
Some gave me the address and even gave helpful directions on how to go there, where as most replied: "Ok, Thank you!"

levian said...

i have a friend donated. the cj7 at my blog should be the one you mentioned. personally, i donate once (as long as it is within my capabilities). no second or third. hehe.


ignore them is the right move. i'll always telling them "i will donate at your centre next time"


amei79 said...

ping ping
hmm..."yes mummy girl"? last time i donate RM5-10 each only donate them a "NO".

sometime manage to give them maybe RM1 to entertain them, problem is they said that min RM10. at last they gain nothing!

it might be last time some one told me that in S'pore, the donation gained from the actors/actress's fund raising performance on the stage partly will go to gov pocket as "TAX" is not mistaken.

good idea! i think should get a contact no from them too & try to call c if the number is valid.

ya the cj7 look alike the one in ur blog. i dont mind actuali if they allow me to donate RM1...:)

bb community
i oso ignore them, but they ask me at least give them a chance to say something b4 say "NO"...they r smart!

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

It is good that you choose to say "NO" to them.

All of them are fakes.

As for monks, they cannot ask for money, they can only ask for food.

So if a monk ask for money, it is a fake monk, no doubt.

Just ignore these mofos.

amei79 said...

u r rite, the "bowl" in monk's hand only for food, not for money.
but still lots of people drop money into the "bowl" while the monk is asking for food...:)

levian said...

if they allowed $1, i suppose they will be broke. need to pay for the cj7 for themselves. XD as long as they don't get annoying .. some are really persistent !!

JK said...

You are wise to donate to Tzu Chi. To me, I'm also concern that the money would be misused. It's better to be sure that what we donate really goes to people who need the money.

KY said...

very sien laa these people come and kacau us makan..

amei79 said...

No woh, I donate them RM1 without cj7, they don want oso...they said that not their procedure.

sometime we just simply wanna help other people, but never think so far like whether money can reach them or not...but tzuchi should be ok, well developed charity society...:)

i exactly know ur feeling, as u need to enjoy the foods so can share with ur food blog's readers...10s for dropping by. been sometime not visit ur blog.