Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Predictions of Jucelino Nobrega da Luz

I have read an article in Si Hua Jit Poh last few days, it was about a Brazil predictor born in 1960, named Jucelino Nobrega da Luz. He claimed that he owned the supernatural power in the prediction since he was 9 years old. He can write, read & communicate in Portuguese (his mother language), English, German, Polish and etc, and what amazing is that he learnt those language in the dreams!
Majority of his predictions are made in his dreams. The predictions that he ever made in the past are death of Princess Diana on 31 Aug 97, the World Trade Center attacks on 11 Sept 01 (predicted in 1989), the Bandar Ache Tsunami on 26 Dec 04 (predicted in 1997) and etc.

Below are part the Jucelino's predictions:
Year 2008
~ Effective medicine for HIV & dengue treatment will be in market within year 2008
~ Earthquake (Magnitude 8.1) in Philippine (18 July)
~ Earthquake (M 9.1) in NanNing & NanHai Island of China, which may cause a tsunami of 30M high. (13 Sept)
Year 2009
~ Earthquake (M 8.9) in Osaka & Kobe, Jepang of Japan (25 Jan)
~ Earthquake (M 8.9) in Istanbul, Turkey (24 Aug)
~ Earthquake (M 7.8) in Sumatra, Indonesia (16 Dec)
Year 2013
~ Big achievement in treatment of cancer or tumour.
~ Existence of a new virus which called "ALS", which may cause human lose their immunity & can die within 4 hours of infection
~ 7300 million people die from the bird flue (virus H5N1)
~ Volcano explosion in Bahamas Island (nearby the Caribbean Sea) lead to the happen of an earthquake which may cause a tsunami of 150M high.
Year 2010 to 2043
~ The temperature of the few countries in Africa may reach up to 58 degree Celsius, which cause a serious dry season. (2010)
~ New virus species (called "ALS") found which can cause human lose their immunity & can die within 4 hours of infection (2011)
~ The Farm fires during the dry season has spread widely causing the phenomena of desertation, and between 2015 to 2020, the amazon forests will disappeared. (2012)
~ A small planet called "2002ZNT7" which has been confirmed by NASA on 31 June 2002 (Jucelino has informed the NASA the exist of a small planet in year 2000) will crash with the earth in year 2014 (60% of possibility).
~ The worldwide average temperature will reach 59 degree Celsius and many people will die from the heat (2015)
~ 80% of the human population death in the huge disasters in year 2043.
My Words:
I'm sure all of us don't want to see the incidents or disasters above to happen in the future as predicted by JNL, but most time they are out of our control & unavoidable. Perhaps what human can do at the moment is just to delay the happen of such incidents or disasters, although no one can guaranty it will 100% works, at least we must do some prevention works & try the best to reduce the casualty & the lose in the disasters.
Some said that once the nature disasters like earthquake, tsunami, cyclone and etc happen, it may indicates that the mother earth is angrying & "She" need more care & love from us human being; or it may be a signal or warning from the universe to us human, that we must reduce or stop any activities which can cause harms the mother earth or it may be a sign of the coming of "the end of the world"......
Lastly, have you hear about him, Jucelino Nobrega de Luz, in short JNL before? Do you believe in his predictions? What all these things mean to you? The end of the world?


levian said...

my opinion is "come what may". haha. so what if the world is going to end tomorrow ?? at least i know i'd lived to the fullest today.

i'm curious of his predictions though. i wonder what does he has to "pay" to know all those future stuffs. i believe god is fair in "gifting" us. for the power he provided, he took something else in return.

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Wah, in local newspaper also got his story some more? O_O

I only first know about via an email forward that I received recently.

Many people think he is a fraud, liar etc.

For myself, just wait and see what happens.

elezend said...

I've watched something similar about the end of the world thing

How Mayan, Merlin, The I-ching all predicted about end of the world

To me, we should just live happily no matter tomorrow is the end of the world or not

Dalicia said...

oh well...someday we would have to die..i don't know him but i don't believe in such things :P

amei79 said...

u r optimistic...just like people said "huo zai dang xia"!

"i wonder what does he has to "pay" to know all those future stuffs
Err...may b cannot be rich, as he is only an english teacher, nothing special.

im just curious if the burma cyclone & sichuan earthquake is in his predictions or not...

Just let time to tell us if he is fraud or not.

"yesterday" is in history, "tomorrow" havent come, so "today" is the day to learn the mistake made "yesterday" and make "tomorrow" a better day...tomorrow is a better day...!!!

u r rite, or living things will die & dying one day, just donno "when"...
belief or not, just take it as an advice...cheers!

levian said...

i'll take that as a compliment. ;) i suppose it's pointless worrying about tomorrow, since all we have it today. :D

Anonymous said...

Only God knows the I dont believe in this Brazilian prophesier/liar/scammer

I believe in God and I put my trust in God alone. All of us will die to face death. I got a Savior to save me.

Dont put your trust on men.
Put your trust in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

this guy is so stupid... Any body with my IQ can tell that whatever he predicted, is predicting, or will predict alreday happened, and this guy is just pretending to know what will happen... Trust me, they wont happen, like the earthquake in the pphils.
(july 18) never happened....
and the ave. temperature of earth going up to 59 degrees, already happened.... STUPID!