Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Flies......!

Time flies!

Do you realize that March will over and April will come very soon in less than a week time? Ya, 3 months already...I still fail to get a new job. I have submitted so many resumes (CV) to those potential companies, but so far only got one reply and have been called for 2nd interview on 10 hope, I failed I guess? As I have SMS & sent in the belated "Thank You" letter to the two interviewers, up to date no reply! Should I call in ask for an answer?

While I'm busy with job hunting in Kuching, Fern busy with her works in Miri. Even though we do contact each other closely via phone call, MSN or Skype everyday...she keep saying that she miss me like crazy, whenever she saw a dating couple; she is lonely, no one accompany her for a window shopping, for a badminton game and etc. I miss her very much too......

Well, I will go to Miri to meet my love one tomorrow night by bus express. Then will bring her back to Kuching on 2 April (don't think too much please) we will fly from Kuching International Airport to Changi Airport, Singapore at 5:00p.m on 3 April 09 in Tiger Airways This is our 2nd oversea traveling trip (supposely 3rd, if include the Brunei in the list)......

Photo grabbed from Uniquely Singapore

This is 5D4N trip (3/4 - 7/4, roughly 3.5 useablle days) , we will stay with my younger brother who works in Singapore, so we certainly can save lots of money on the accommodation (hotel room). I'm so excited, awaiting these days to come impatiently...... ^_^


Unknown said...

enjoy ur short trip.. go s'pore grab chance oso la.. get infos about vacancies. good luck bro.

Jys said...

good luck in ur job findings.. it'll take some time..due to the bad econ... but i'm sure u can get the job pretty soon.

good luck!

amei79 said...

-M-, 10s...grab chance in sg? too rush lah, time not allow.

Joyce, ya, most ppl having the hard time during bad econ...opportunity will come one day, very soon. 10s