Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is a Proud or Is a Crisis?

I observe, I listen, I learn, and I blog but I normally not judge...
As a Chinese, how is your feeling when noticed that now a day more and more non-Chinese (Bumi) are learning your mother language, Mandarin? Instead of feeling proud, sometime we should be more alert & realize the real situation we are into......what more you are living in a country with so many races and the "racial discrimination" can't be avoided?
We are living in a society which is a little unfair to us in many aspects, for an example, the education system (existence of intake quota for IPTA)! We must preserve at least one advantage against other people in order to keep survive long; which failed, we will be in a disadvantageous position, ours life will be more challenging & suffering......
The current situation is that the government claimed that we are not interested in the government sector jobs, e.g becoming a civil servant, policeman, soldier......etc, while it is not! The reality is that we have tried, problem is we have limited chance to get an interview and have high chance to be dropped after an interview!
Can you imagine how horrible it would be if more and more non-Chinese able to speak a fluent Mandarin & write a good Mandarin article(s)? Can you imagine how embarrass it would be if one day in the future, a non-Chinese teacher is teaching your offspring the Mandarin subject in a class or school? So can you now imagine how disadvantageous it would be if we are not the only one who able to speak additional language i.e Mandarin besides Malay and English?
Yes, your and your offspring's effort to join in the government sector which recently has better offer will be tough and tough. Government sector is no more your cup of tea and you will need to try harder to enjoy this piece of cake......
So what do you think? Mind to share your opinion(s)?


Unknown said...

bro, i can understand yr feelings.

but if i can share my opinion. in this globalised world, learning one's other language is a good thing.

see, we learn english. we learn bahasa malaysia.

does that make the orang puteh or malays inferior?

and if we can come to a stage where bumi can teach us mandarin or even chinese can teach bahasa malaysia (i had a chinese bm teacher in school), i think that's good for malaysia - where racial integration is needed at its most.

so, maybe let this be a way for us to integrate. if the other races hasnt/ cant, then let us show them the way :)

amei79 said...

all things got pro & con...i just write out my thought on this matter in different angle...anyway i agree wt u too. 10s 4 the opinion!