Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Borneo Island In The Sky

Most people said that I am unqualified to be a Kuching citizen! You kno why? As I am not good in recognize the road ways in Kuching. The most possibly reason is that I am not driving and only be a passenger in the past (I don't have the driving licence until end of year 2oo7). So my role sitting in a car is not as a navigator, but just a passenger who likes to look around through the car window---I look at the buildings, vehicles, peoples, trees, flowers and anything along the road side, also never forget to look into the blue blue sky......

I drive now, everything seem remain the same, I still like to keep looking around when sitting in a running car. May be the only change is that I have to shorten the time I staring on an object, no choice because of the rule on the road is "drive safely & drive smartly"!

Keep looking around, so I wont miss any wonderful scene which only appear once like the "Chipmore Cookies"~~~"Now You See, Now You Don't!"......just like the scene as shown in the pictures above. What do you see? Can't tell? Then you must be failed in Geography paper during secondary school.....^_^

A cloud look like the image of the Borneo Island in the map is appeared in the sky...i wonder is it the heaven of us, the residents of Borneo Island, after we die? How nice it would be if I am living on an island which is floating in the air, flying in the sky? Ya, can you imagine, I can then flying without wings!


levian said...

do you work in that area? heading to 7th mile? but to take photographs when you're driving, do drive carefully while smartly. :)

Unknown said...

hi bud.

update my blog link la.. i use http://lifeintechni-colour.blogspot.com/ already le.

got two interviews this n next week.

Kikey Loo said...

nice sky photos. :D

amei79 said...

levian, not heading to 7th mile, but to Tabuan Jaya...:)

-M-, wow, not bad ya...mine one stil no reply...:(

Kikey Loo, 10s...^_^