Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 1 In Singapore

Most people were shocked when they knew that I will have a traveling trip to Singapore on 3 April 09. The reasons are:
1. The currency exchange rate is simply too high, SGD : MYR = 1.00 : 2.40
2. I'm jobless now, it will spend lots of extra money!
Well, I'm so free now and not restrain by the job responsibility, so don't you think is the best time go for a vacation? The Tiger Airways offered low price on the 2 ways tickets (Kuching ~ Singapore), it just cost me RM375.00 for 2 persons. Between, as we stay at my younger brother's rented apartment unit, so can save lots of money on the hotel accommodation.

It is worth, you know why? I met KennySia for the first time in the Tiger aircraft (Kch ~ Sg)...he just sit beside me, I'm on seat 18B, while he was on seat 18C......I asked "Are you Kenny Sia?" and said "Nice to meet you!", while he says nothing, only nod his head, read his book (tourism guide) & had a nap with a sleep mask...


Sightseeing @ Clarke Quay

The Central, Riverside Point, Restaurants & Nightclubs @ Clarke Quay

The Clarke Quay is featured by 5 blocks of restored warehouses with various restaurants & nightclubs along the riverside, opposite is a shopping center called The Central. Here is fulled with people crowd, especially at the night time. You can see lots of handsome guys & pretty girls with smart dress chatting, laughing & drinking along the bridge.

People crowd (most are AngMo) along the bridge @ Clarke Quay

Riverside Point @ Clarke Quay

Between you can see lots of bumboats, which served as river taxies parked along the riverside, one can have a bumboat ride along the Singapore River to access the Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Robertson Quay & Marina Bay.

Bumboats parked along the riverside

The G-MAX reverse Bungy @ Clarke Quay

Boat Quay is a historical quay which has been transformed into a pedestrian mall with restaurants, clubs, pubs & cafes. There are many brilliance Skylines which contribute to the wonderfull night scene around the Boat Quay area.

Boat Quay at night

Fullerton Hotel @ Boat Quay

The Bridge @ Boat Quay

a tunnel from Boat Quay towards Esplanade

The Esplanade, the theatres with dome shaped roofs on the bay, located at the waterfront overlooking Marina Bay. The theatre is a place where myriad of local & international performances, from musicals, concerts to dance & theatres on show, and at the same time is a dining & shopping paradise.

Esplanade, the theatres on the Bay

Esplanade Dome, also known as "The Durian"

The Merlion Park is the Marina Bay. The main attraction would be the Merlion (Mermaid + Lion), a statue with a lion head & a fish body, which has became Singapore's icon for the rest of the world.

the Merlion Park @ One Fullerton

the Merlion statue, icon of Singapore

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