Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Month of April Comes

As I said, time flies, April comes. Ya, today is 1 April 2009. Does this date mean anything to you? You do & don't, doesn't matter......wish you have a Happy April Fool's Day.

Are you being conned & fooled by others today? If yes, does it bring lots of laughes? Or it turns you down and makes you unhappy & embarrassed? No matter how & what, hope you have a good control over your mood & emotion, accept it with an open heart & be forgiveness......^_^

Between, have you do anything stupid & nonsense today? e.g. make a false report to the fire station, police station, ambulance and etc? I hope you DON'T......In case you have did it, you are not a joker, you are not humour at all as well.....public may judge you as a silly rubbish, the worse is the local autholity will treat you as a criminal, you can be arrested & bring to the court!

Hence even though today is April Fool's Day which sound lots of joy & fun, please do remember & be reminded at all times---think twice before do anything, and must learn how to differentiate what is right & what is wrong, what you can & what you can't......etc.

Have a nice day & Happy April Fool's Day!


Nux V said...

So, do u get fooled???
anyway, happy Good Friday and Happy Easter in advance!

Unknown said...

how was yr april fool? time really flies! cant believe the 2nd quarter is moving so fast too!

amei79 said...

Nux V - nope, no one dare to fool me....keke. Err...wish u happy labour day...wont be too soon i guess...haha

QuaChee - well, just a normal day...time flies? or time flashes? I really hv no idea....haizzz!