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Day 3 In Singapore

Sentosa is Singapore's biggest cluster of attractions, which they claimed that is "8 in 1", meant 8 attractions within 1 location...you can get there either by taking a LRT from Vivo City to Imbiah Station (nearby the Merlion), or by a Sentosa bus from HarbourFront Bus Interchange to Beach Station (nearby Siloso Beach), or by cable car from HabourFront Tower to Sentosa Cable Car Station...

If you want to have more fun & excitement, then you should take the cable car ride to Sentosa...of course it is not as long as the one at Genting Highland (1.3KM vs 3.38KM) which is the fastest in the world & longest in Southeast Asia. Between, nothing to see beneath to the cable car at the moment, as the Singapore's 2nd casino by Uncle Lim, the Universal Studios Theme Park will only accomplished in mid-2010.

Imbiah Lookout @ Sentosa

The Underwater World, an oceanarium which home more than 2,500 fishes of 250 different species is a must visit at Sentosa. It is devided into 3 levels: 1st Level, Mid Foyer & Tunnel Level. There is a "Touch Pool" at the entrance by which the visitors can touch & feel the marine life like starfish, stingrays & etc and an exhibition room for the living fossils like Chambered Nautilus, arapaima fishes, sea eels & etc at the 1st Level.

Underwater World

Sea Eels & unknown species...1/2 seahorse + 1/2 fish look

The Mid Foyer level is also known as World of the Crab, as different species of crabs e.g the giant Japanese spider crabs, coconut crabs, hermit crabs, rainbow crabs & so on are exhibited here. Also the seadragons, a living creature which look alike the seahorse and the Loch Ness monster...^^

Sea Eels @ UnderWater World

Hermit Crab, Chambered Nautilus, Coconut Crab, Octopus & Cuttlefish

Then you will venture into the 83 metres long acrylic tunnel at Tunnel Level. The sharks, stingrays & the schools of fishes are swimming & moving all around you...the white dugong or sea-cow (the legend Mermaid) is here with us too. And the last but not least, you can dive with the blue whale, the largest living creature on the earth at Underwater World...( Siao meh? don't expect too much lah.....just kidding lah ^ ^ )

fish species, Dugong (mermaid), seadragon & Spider Crab

The Cine-Blast, is the Singapore's only cinema ride, a place for you to experience the 3D-show. You can have the Extreme Log Ride at S$18.00/adult, this adventural ride brings you rush along a rapid with floating tree trunks, gush through the caves & rush down the ravines......hey, for those who scared of taking a roller coaster ride, may be you can try this 1st?

enjoy 3D ride @ CineBlast

Dolphin Lagoon is another attraction at Sentosa, where visitors can watch the high-intelligent dolphins perform their natural behaviours, i.e hopping to the water surface, tail-walking, tail-flapping & etc...some visitors are given chance to have a close touch to the dolphin, such as feeding them & photography with them. Overall, the show is just so so lah......not much excitement! After the show, you can hanging around at Tanjong Beach, which just next to Dolphin Lagoon!

arrived Dolphin Lagoon for Dolphin Show

pink dolphins in Dolphin Show @ Dolphin Lagoon

Tanjong Beach next to Dolphin Lagoon

Siloso Beach is just opposite the Underwater World. Are you ready to get wet in the sea water? If yes, then don't forget to bring along your swimsuit, towel & etc. You may have the sunbath and play the beach volley-ball under the hot sun, on the sandy beach too......of course if you don't mind, you can just act like a nasty monkey, climbing the coconut trees at Siloso Beach!

Siloso Beach @ Sentosa

nice scene at Siloso Beach

Beach Volley-ball @ Siloso Beach

The Merlion is nearby the Imbiah LRT Station, located at Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa...is the largest & tallest Singapore's icon (37 metres high). It is not just a giant sculpture, but a viewing tower, where you can view the landscape around the Sentosa Island...Err...don't waste money ler, unless the construction base of Sentosa Casino is in your must-see list lah...^ ^

arrived The Merlion @ Sentosa

The Merlion, 37-metres high Sculpture

The tallest Singapore's icon, The Merlion closeup

The Tiger Sky Tower, the Singapore's tallest viewing tower,which is 110-metres high! Well, we never wish to reach to the top the tower, just simply because of:
1. It is not FOC
2. You should know, us Sarawakians are living on the big tall trees, so we are bored & hate enough to crimb up & down ler...haha

Tiger Sky Tower @ Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa

We also never manage to enter the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, as we can see the butterfly every where, e.g in the garden at the house yard...all butterfly species look the same I guess, the only different should be their size & the colour combination on their wings.

I am a "anak kampung" (village boy), whist I still a small kid, I lived in an old zinc house which surrounded by the thick jungle...since that time I have chance to see different kind of insects...so I am in the position to decide to skip the Insect Kingdom @ Sentosa.

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Singapore China Town (牛车水)

After the one-day trip at Sentosa Island, we visited the China Town (牛车水) at the night time. It seem like most of the countries must have at least one town or street called China Town or Chinese Street. It is where the Chinese population assemble & residence in, operate their traditional-styled business, and also where the Chinese art, culture & tradition spreads to every corner around the world.

Old shophouses @ China Town

wording carve on the beans

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple @ China Town

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