Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2 In Singapore

Day 2 in Singapore, we visited Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo & Night Safari (Package: S$45.00) with Gary as our tour guide. We met at Boon Lay MRT Station and had our breakfast in Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a No 1 famous "KopiTiam" in Singapore since 1944, with a slogan "One Size One Coffee Since 1944".

Ya Kun Kaya Toast (亚坤咖椰烤面包)

The popular Kaya Toast Set A with 2 half-cooked eggs

After the breakfast, we took bus No 251 at Boon Lay Bus Interchange to the Jurong Bird Park. It is an open-concept park, which they claimed that is the largest in the Asia Pacific & the best in the world, with more than 8,000 birds from 600 species which is among the largest in the will never know whether the statement is true or not, unless you have visited all the bird parks around the world.

arriving the Jurong Bird Park, the World of Living Colours!

black swan & Mandarin ducks @ Swan Lake

Humboldt penguins & King penguins @ Penguin Expedition

Please make sure you plan the trip to bird park properly, you need at least 1/2 day time, so that you won't be too rushing & miss out any attractions in the park. Among the attractions are: Parrot Paradise, Swan Lake, Penguin Expedition, Flamingo Lake, Pelican Cove, African Wetland, World of Darkness, Window of Paradise, African Waterfall Aviary, Birds & Buddies Show...etc
Couple of Brown Pelican & Great White Pelican @ Pelican Cove

Shoebill & Wood Storks @ African Wetland

African Crown Crane & Saddle-Billed Storks @ African Wetland

King fishers & hornbill @ Southeast Asian Birds Aviary

Scarlet Ibises

Birds & Buddies Show @ Pools Amphitheatre

We lunched in Botak Jones, one of their western foods stall at Clementi's KopiTiam after finish visited the bird park. Gary recommended us his favorite "The Botak Burger", a king-size burger; anyway we didn't go for that stuff, instead we ordered 1 set of Fish & Chips @ S$7.00, 1 set of Black Pepper Chicken @ S$8.00 & 2 sets of Cajun Chicken @ S$8.00 each......Well, big size serving which definitely matched to their nice slogan "Damn Good Food @ Damn Good Price"!

Singapore Zoo's entrance

Singapore Zoo, like the Jurong Bird Park is a model of "open-zoo" concept, whereby the animals are kept in wide & landscaped enclosures, separated from the visitors by dry or wet moats. However for those animals i.e leopards or jaguars which is good in climbing are kept in landscaped grass-fronted enclosures.

huge white tigers in Singapore Zoo

BabiRusa & Hippopotamus

Kangaroo & Emu

What's Up...wanna fighting?

The time is just too rush for us, we spent too much time on the bird park earlier. Now we only have less than 3 hours to visit all the attractions in the zoo. We are quite dissappointed, we didn't see the animals like giraffes, tigers, leopards & lions when we reached the particular enclosures! (we reached there nearly at 6p.m, which is zoo closing time) Where are they gone? We just wondering if the zoo keepers have shifted these animals to the Night Safari for visit at night?

The worst is, we failed to see the polar bear too,
when we reached the enclosure, a cleaner is washing the glass of the aquarium......haizzz.......T_T

Elephants & deer

Baboons & wild goat

Proboscis monkey & Chimpanzees


The Night Safari is just next to the Singapore Zoo, is the world's first wildlife park built for visits at night. Please be sure you are there in time, so you won't miss the animal show at 7:30P.M. After the show, you can explore the park either by walk on foots or by train ride (S$5.oo/adult). Well, walking in the park just like walking in the forest in the darkness, hence you may hardly see the animals, especially if they are far from our eye-sights or hidden behind the bushes.

the entrance of Night Safari

Asian Tiger @ Night Safari

the only group photo taken @ Night Safari

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Kikey Loo said...

i love zoo :D

levian said...

ah, how i wish to touch those tigers! :D

amei79 said...

kikey loo - i love zoo too, i like wild life & the nature...

levian - u dare...the white tiger just killed a man not long ago leh...

Nux V said...

haha, yea someone get killed at SG zoo not long ago.

seeing all the pictures, i kinda miss SG now...I miss Orchard road @ night during X'mas season, Sentosa island, SG zoo, east coast, the malls, chinatown, too mch to list them down...

amei79 said...

Nux V:
is a sarawakian been killed.
u can go there anytime, as cheap air ticket availabled all times...just worry u dont have time to travel...:)