Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Must Do b4 Holiday

Haizz...again, time flies......Err......may be not, time flashes instead? Do you realize that time passes by in a blink of eyes? It seem like "Yesterday" we just celebrated the April's Fool Day (1/4), "Today" we celebrate Labour Day (1/5), and "Tomorrow" we will celebrate Dayak Festival (1/6)!

A reminder & great promotion: please submit your e-Filling lastest by today, you will gain some benefits in return for the taxes paid......government will give you 1 day of holiday on the next day (1/5) and 2 days of off-day subsequently as a rebate (pls: only for selected candidates). ^ ^

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Hey, qualified tax payers, have you all submitted the BE2008 form to LHDN? Willing or not willing, you have no choice. You still need to submit it not latest by today (30/4) to avoid the receive of lawyer letter from LHDN, as it is a must & compulsory.

Paying tax is not a bad thing, at least it shows that you have significantly above-average salary & extremely attractive remuneration per annum from the current career. If you really don't like to pay tax, then you should learn to be smarter in creating the tax deductible expenses to lower down the overall taxable income, i.e buying books (magazines), PC or sport equipments which may benefit yourself, or doing charity donations which can benefit the others.

Last but not least, I take this opportunity to wishing you have a happy & breathtaking Labour Day & weekends...cheers!!!


iamlz said...

No wonder my dad was asking me about my expenses on books, yuan lai is about this!

Johnny Ong said...

yeah, i'll be enjoying my 3 days of holidays

amei79 said...

not only books, magazines oso can...haha.

Johnny Ong:
have fun pls...