Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Childhood Memories: HandmadeToys terrible! Why children in these days are very hard to be pleased & satisfied? Well as you can observe, most of the children keep saying that they have no toys, and keep making noise, keep crying, and keep persuading the adult(s) to buy them a toy......while the fact is that they are actually already immersed in a stack of toys!

Are they over spoilt by their parents or relatives? Or am I jealousy on their luck & happiness? I didn't have many toys, probably the number of toys that I have had during the childhood can be counted with only 5 fingers; while the children now-a-day have tons of toys from different categories & sizes......

technology toy doll for children in the recent days

Perhaps I shouldn't blame the children for hard to pleased & too materialism, instead I should be more understanding. I and them are born in the different years & circumstances, so of course we experienced the different childhood under the different economy & social status.

Yes, is true that they have lots of toys, but this doesn't mean they are as happy & as lucky as a small kid like me.
At least I am a bit creative than the children in the recent days. Why not? While they have the technology toy dolls, I had my handmade-paper toy doll which they will never have chance to see & play with, unless they get know about it from my blog. But I don't think they read my blog? Now you know how damn lucky am I? I am even now curious & wondering, have you seen it before? ^ ^

my handmade-paper toy doll

I had the dragonfly as my playmate whilst I am a small kid too, it brought me lots of fun & joys. Anyway it is sad & sorry, I am a bit unhumanize & cruel to this lovely fellow......I broke its wings off up to the 1/2, and tighten its tail with a length of thread, then let it flied in the air. It can't fly high with the broken was my natural and "batteryless" aircraft or helicopter! Haizzz......小时无知, 不知不罪, 南无阿尼陀佛!

the dragonfly, my natural & "batteryless" helicopter


Unknown said...

miss u pal. hope to see u soon.

Josephine said...

u so cruel wan ar?

I also same same here....
Whenever I caught lady bug, I removed it's wings to make sure it cant fly...


Jys said...

i like ur handmade paper dolls!! nice!

amei79 said...

my gf & family in penang now...^ ^
mayb next CNY...we will meet agn..haha

Eh...lady bug so cute...y u so kejam? hehe

u can have one too...just to prepare a piece of paper will do...^ ^

levian said...

i had never been a fan of bugs. in fact, i get myself as far away from them as possible. but i like your paper toy doll, it is creative indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the headless couple..hehhe reminds me of the headless horseman movie starring Johnny Depp...I can't remember the name of the movie though.

That's so rip off its wings...

keeyit said...

Like the handmade paper dolls

Che-Cheh said...

Wah this is the first time I see handmade papar dolls. Very unique.

Forever28 said...

I played Ultraman during my childhood, haha~~!
But, you were so cruel to that small bug... pity them, haha!

amei79 said...

does bug scare u? sometime they r cute ^ ^

Mei Teng:
"Sleepy Hollow"? i think the headless horseman is cruel than me...haha

ya, it was headless, ever try to create a "head" for it, but difficult.

actuali i have no idea where i get the idea to make the paper doll came?

i only watch "ultraman" in a small black & white tv last time...

J.H said...

I am so touched by few of your "childhood memory" entry. I came from a small village in island of Java indonesia, and I certainly can identify myself with wearing flip flop to school, running accross paddy fields, playing kite, or marble. There is no electricity yet, so obviously no telephone and internet. I hardly have any toy.
While now I after moving to UK, I feel a big gap of the children welfare, yet I don't feel any improvement in term of personality merits. In fact, they still complain about wanting this and that toys. Human are greedy.

amei79 said...

childs born in 20th century seem r more "pure" in every aspect...impact from the development of social, economy, science & tech and etc indeed deep, causing childs' pure soul been "polluted"...:(