Sunday, May 24, 2009

Priceless Collections

I had just cleaning up the few boxes in my bed room last few days. Just noticed that I kept lots of rubbishes (unwanted things) in the past 15 years, of course some of them are priceless & memorable to me. See what I found?

A Sony walkman, the first & the last walkman I ever had in my 30 years of life. I bought it in year 1992, with the first income I earnt from the part time job as a waiter at a Chinese restaurant (during the school holiday). I was in Transition Class that time.

My 1st & last Sony Walkman

Few secondary school's magazines. The one shown below is indeed special & unique to me, you know why? I designed the cover's artwork and in-charged the graphic works for the magazine inserts; between I am the one who responsible to collect & edit (of course the majority were done by teachers) the articles for the Mandarin section. I was in Form 5 that time.

School Magazine of Year 1998

A stack of letter envelopes, which were accumulated since year 1992 (Transition Class) to year 2003 (Degree 2nd year). I started looking for a penpal in year 1992, I got 5-6 penpals but all not last long. My first & the last penpal was a girl from Tawau, Sabah, named Shelly. At first, we contact each other by letter writing, then by typing & printing, later by email or sms; up-to-date, we rarely contact each other, only sms occasionally...^ ^ Sigh! We seem not appreciate at all on the convenient brought by the advance technology.

a stack of letter envelopes (almost 150 pieces)

A piece of Chinese New Year Night poster, my artwork in year 2002. I was in Degree 1st year. Actually I contributed 2 poster designs for the CNY night, one as shown below, one (Koi Carp Fishes) was missing a day after putted on the notice board. No body knew who removed it from the notice board...I guess must some one who admire my artwork though? ^ ^

Chinese New Year Night Poster

My very own made bookmarks, which were created during the semester break of the university (1st year). Most are paper artworks (cut & paste), which can be considered a very fine artwork I ever made. At first I made them for selling purpose (for extra pocket money), but don't know why until now never sell even one, and still kept with me. I got around 50 pieces of bookmarks for each design (as in the last picture).

my fine paper artworks, bookmarks

my own hand-made bookmarks



Kikey Loo said...

wow.. very memories things!!

Unknown said...

hey amei didnt know u r into design. ru doing design now as well?

i used to have a magazine with my class in form 4 as well. how interesting haha.

the walkman - keep it, it will be antique. have one too lol :)

Josephine said...

rubbish turns into gold....
They will become antique one day

keeyit said...

Ehh.. you still kept those stuffs le.. memorable things.. I used to have some but i throw it liao.

LimPek said...

lol..i have old walkman too..but now using sony ericson walkman w800 d..haha

levian said...

it was amazing that you still keep them, i thought girls are the one that loves keeping the old stuff. but well, i guess there are exceptions, since i tend to clear out my cupboard quite often.

Anonymous said...

You're quite an artist eh? Those fine paper artwork are nice.

Nux V said...

i hav my first walkman in 1994, a Sony model too.
It's not functioning now and left at the shelf as junk.

cbenc12 said...

i have tonnes of memorey stuff..but dunno what to do wif them..

Jayce said...

I also have Sony Walkman. Can't play tape already. But the FM still working. ^_^

amei79 said...

Kikey Loo: ^ ^

QuaChee: Not in the field, just an interest since small kid. That walkman not functioning at all now.

Josephine: need time, maybe 100 yrs later? haha

keeyit: ya, ppl said that if the things u kept it for years, nvr touch it...meant is rubbish (most time), better throw it.

LimPek: i dont hv any walkman now...and seldom listen to the music or song too...^ ^

Levian: If my eldest bro not ask me to do so, I think i will nvr touch those boxes...:)

Mei Teng: stil far being an artist lah...quite a long time not practice it...but will draw comic occasionally. u can try to search it out in this blog archive.

Nux V: walkman very popular that replace by the ipod?

cbenc12: if it occupied lots of space, and will nvr need it anymore...advise to just throw it away.

Jayce: mine not functioning at all...i cant remember if that day i throw it or kept it liao...^ ^

Forever28 said...

I used to have exactly the same Sony Walkman like yours! But I think dunno where I put it... hehe...