Monday, May 18, 2009

Malaysia Badminton Team

2009 LI-NING Sudirman Cup World Team Badminton Championships (Guang Zhou, China) was just closing the curtain yesterday night (17 May 09). Malaysia badminton team failed to reach the Final, as they were beaten by China in the semi-final on 16/5 (MAS:CHN - 0:3). Very sad yet proud! ^ ^

Mixed-Double: Mohd Fairuzizuan & Wong Pei Tty

Well, even lost, a good news is that Malaysia team has broke the record by presenting theirselve into the Sudirman Cup's Semi-Final for the very first time since the game founded in 1989. However, I was shocked! The 1st time? Why Malaysia team never reach the semi or final round of the Sudirman Cup in the past 20 years? e_e'''

Man-Single: Lee Chong Wei

It is expected that even though M'sia badminton team has made a breakthrough in the 11th Sudirman Cup and Lee Chong Wei has won the silver medal in the Beijing Olympic 2008, still many badminton fans (especially the Malaysians) are very disappointed with our badminton players' performance, they will keep criticizing as long as M'sia badminton team is the second, and not the champion in all the international-level badminton games!

Man-Double: Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong

Instead of feeling disappointed & keep criticizing, we must give our badminton team a full support, a compliment & an encouragement for their good efforts & contributions to our country. We must understand that M'sia badminton team is in a disadvantage situation, by which:

1. Compare to China or Indonesia, Malaysia has less population. I guess it is acceptable if I make an assumption that "Number of badminton talents is proportionate to the population size by country". e.g while M'sia only has one man-single who up to the standard, China has more than 3!
2. Do you think environmental factors (e.g climate) may influence one's performance. e.g while M'sia has a tropical climate, countries like China, Korea & Denmark has 4 seasons? Of course, the attitude, confidence & psychological quality plays an important role too in determine if one performs well.


Johnny Ong said...

they did well indeed by reaching the semis. our ladies have improved so much

Che-Cheh said...

I think we need to study the way China train their players. I don't believe in environmental factors but I believe in attitude.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe environmental factors play a role in athlete's performance. I believe it's in the cultivating of a sporting culture that enables countries to produce top quality athletes. Of course, personal attitudes, support from govt and people and facilities are also important.

imDavidLee said...

i stil remember last time i like to play badminton, but now no more..

can we ex link?

Keith said...

Ever since Jamaica entered the bobsled competition (Okay, they did not win any medals...) I believe that the primary factor is training and perseverance.

I will say from the pictures shown, I realize badminton is a much more exciting game than I remember.

Thank you for your blogpost

levian said...

i would stick to the attitude problem.
somehow msian has the tendency to think
victory would come easily.

Forever28 said...

Last time I always watched badminton matches with my brothers... but now no more... So, my badminton memory still freeze at Chia Shun Keat era... ahaha

amei79 said...

Johnny Ong: i hope our team will have more breakthrough in the near future!

Che-Cheh & Mei Teng:
i just think that, the training provided in all seasons certainly can improve one's physical stamina & fitness...that y msia also try to practice the so call "terrible physical training" (魔鬼训练)...

e.g A from Msia, B from China, both have same equal of stamina in sport...if a sport conduct in a winter, who can perform well? of course is the one who can adapted to the weather will have an advantage...of course, in normal practice, imposible to have a competition in a winter, unless the sport is weather related, like skiing.

imDavidLee: as i noticed, most ppl last time play basketball, now play the one...^ ^

Keith: ya agree that would be the primary factor. u play badminton?

levian: not so soon i guess...the only man single Lee Chong Wei is getting older...if he retired, who is the next? so far seem no one can replace him....sigh!

Forever28: agree...last time i like to watch basketball match too, but now memory still freeze at Chicago Bull with the present of Micheal Jordan....haha