Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Childhood Memories: Quarrel on Dinning Table

As mentioned in the previous entries, I'm a "Kampung Kia". I had 5 siblings, 4 brothers & 1 sister. My dad (a builder) was the only one who worked at that time. I didn't know if my family status during the childhood can be considered as poor or not, but certainly was not rich.

I still remember, a quarrel will begin occasionally when dinning time came! As I said, we were not rich, hence it is impossible for my mum to prepare a big size serving meal that enough for 7 persons. So my mum played a role to divide each dish evenly before the dinning time.

Well, not all dishes can be divided fairly......e.g normally my mum only bought 1/2 chicken, she can do nothing if all child insisted want to eat the chicken wing or chicken thigh, unless she buy only chicken wings / thighs (will cost more). This is why a quarrel sometime can't be avoided during the dinning time...^ ^

End of each month, we can expected that my mum will only served us one dish, which was either boiled, fried, steamed, or whatever culinary method, it still just a chicken egg! Consumption of canned foods became often too; and sometime we even only ate groundnut oil & soy sauce mixed rice! Simple but delicious......^ ^

The small child in the recent days are a bit more lucky, they generally eat more than enough. They are even choosy, this no good, that no like. I can understand if they love only the nice foods; but I am so curious: there are so many choices of foods, why minority of them only like to eat eggs, chicken's skin, pork's fatty part, instant noodle & etc? They can have such foods everyday without feeling bored or disgust......e_e'''

these small child's eating habit results in the waste of foods, there are lots of peoples around the world are suffering of starvation & famine! Nevertheless, what is unforgivable & what I am so sorry about is many adults also make the same mistake, wasting of foods. Below is a very nice video to share, which most of you might watched it before. I found this video at Jayce Ooi's Paradise.

Chicken a la Carte by Ferdinand Dimadura

Remark: I am proud that myself never waste foods since a small kid, instead I eat for other peoples too......this is one of the reasons why I gain weight easily......^ ^


iamlz said...

Can feel the love and happiness in between your lines describing the quarrels..not rich but happy, that's more precious than rich but not happy!

Josephine said...

Even through I am not from a rich family, but I was fed with food whenever I was hungry...

Unknown said...

good habbit :) i think a lot of people when put in such situations will grow to be stronger people :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting. I just realized there are quite a few bloggers from Sarawak but none from Sabah that I have met through blogging! I love Borneo...a melting pot of rich biodiversity! :)

Unknown said...

i can picture your scenarios. gambateh.

amei79 said...

LZthat y even life is complicated, we should stay to be simple...dont demand too much.

Josephineyameh? hw cum u still look slim? sit-up agn? ok...i will gambate...^ ^

Quacheeya...sometime i m courious, y those childs from richer family (my time), when growth up, not better than me?

Mei TangEh...i dun dare to say "none", mayb just "fewer"? can try this link:

-m-will go miri by 20 May, seeking opportunity to run a business with fren...this is purpose i went sibu last few days...good luck to u & me...gambate 2gether!