Saturday, May 9, 2009

Childhood Memories: "Pok Shui"

Today is Wesak Day & tomorrow is Mother Day......wish all Buddhist a Happy Wesak Day & all mums around the world a Happy Mother Day! I LOVE YOU, MUM! hUG hUG ya ^ ^


Do you like carbonated drinks? You prefer Coke, 7Up, Sprite, F&N, Pepsi or the others?

20 years ago, we used to call it "Pok Shui", I don't know why, by right it suppose to be "Qi Shui =汽水" (I am a Hakka). I think the "Pok" is origins from the sound made when we remove the cap from the bottle (last time glass bottles are used), and "Shui" means "liquid", so the combination of the 2 becomes "Pok Shui"......^ ^

the famous carbonated drink~Coca Cola (coke)

While I am still a small kid, the definition of "Pok Shui" to me is " a drink that I only have chance to drink on CNY eve or during CNY......"! I am not kidding, my parent will only buy such drinks when CNY day is coming, we only drink carbonated drinks on CNY days, not the other days.

Can you imagine how obedience were we? We will never "curi curi minum" the "Pok Shui" even if parents not at home; we will wait the CNY eve to come patiently, and only started to remove the cap after the eve dinner! with a bottle of "Pok Shui" in the hands. Ya, we normally kept (hide) 1 or 2 bottles with us secretly, as we worried all the drinks finished upon served to the guests before the Chap Goh Mei comes......

alcoholic drink ~ Carlsberg beer

Well, everything changed now......the children in the recent days can drink the carbonated drinks as much as they wished, with the rules they have extra pocket money & no prohibition from the adults. What worse is while last time we brought a bottle of plain water, now some kids bring 1 bottle of carbonated drink (1.5 litre) to school......not for partying, ok! It is replacement to the plain water! No wonder we growth paralelly, they growth laterally lah......^ ^

Now a day, you can see lots of teenagers go pubbing & clubbing so often (while I only had 1 or 2 in the past 30 years! ~sigh~), of course they drink so often too! Hence don't be too surprise if one day you see a small kid of primary school with a glass or bottle of alcoholic drink in his/her hand. And therefore, it is nothing weird at all if small kids drink carbonated drinks like drinking the plain water, or even drink more than the plain water......haizz! Please guide the small childs properly lah before the thing(s) become(S) out of our monitoring & control!
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Josephine said...

But years back, my mom's family (my mom is hakka) called it "hor lan shui'...

Forever28 said...

I am Hokkian, I never heard about Pok Shui... hehe...
Ya, we have a same childhood experience as well. Carbonate drinks were only available during CNY~

Jys said...

ya ya, same same lar.. only those "big" days can drink soft drinks. hehe..

levian said...

we didn't have the chance to drink carbonated drinks other than cny as well. we were much obedient back then, compare to the kids nowadays. :p

cbenc12 said...

its actually bad for kids nowadays.. our generation is better ;D

amei79 said...

"hor lan shui"? in mandarin means?

seem we all had a healthy lifestyle in the past...^ ^

y everyone like me? i think that time "carbonated drink" not yet become a trend?

ya u r rite...childs in these day are terrible!

yes...we are healthier...haha

soulesscloudy said...

POK SHUI??? what language is that?? I call it Hei Shui... once a while only can drink.. coz mummy said not good for health..

But now drink is almost everyday.. hahaha