Sunday, June 28, 2009

Huge Beetle Comes

In the previous post, I mentioned about the giant mango; next would be the huge beetle I found in my house yard yesterday morning. It is generally known as Rhinocerous Beetle (Malay: Kumbang Badak) or Atlas Beetle. Its scientific name is Chalcosoma atlas.
Rhinocerous Beetle (Chalcosoma atlas)

This is the biggest Rhinocerous beetle I ever saw alive, it is 65mm in length. However, according to the information I found from the Internet, its size ranging between 25-130mm. Wow, 130mm? It is really huge, bigger than a computer mouse...can you imagine it?

Anyone studying in Form 6 (Higher Education Certificate) and in the Science stream? Then you may required to collect different kind of insect species for insect samples making (a project of Biology subject). For sure such a huge beetle must become a victim for this Biology project.


plesse said...

I think you will like many of the vadlo biology cartoons!

amei79 said...

plesse: nice cartoons...ur own drawing?