Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Giant Mango

Are you mango fancy? If yes, then you will loving it......^ ^

Last few days FeRn's sister brought home 2 giant mangos which are given by her neighbour. The mango were really big, almost 4x of the normal mango size. As you can see in the 1st picture, it is about 1 feet (30cm) in length.

the giant mango

Its pulp = pulps of 4 normal size mango, and its seed is as big as a normal size mango. So far this is the largest mango I ever see in my life......have you seen it before?

size comparison between the mango seed & an egg


foongpc said...

I love mangoes!! Wow! This mango is really HUGE! 1 feet long? No kidding! Now if only the seed is as small as a durian seed, then it will be really WOW!!! : )

Ulat said...

Such a huge mango...
Finish it alone?! 0.0

amei79 said...

foongpc: wow so greedy..demand a huge mango with small seed? u can never finish it alone...^ ^

Ulat: ofcoz not...nice thing hv to share with other...:)

Jayce said...

Taste nice? ^_^