Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Gawai Festival

May 09 just gone, it brought away the Duan-Wu Festival; June 09 just came, it brings us the Gawai Festival (Harvest Festival). You see, so many festivals for us to celebrate, they certainly bring us lots of joys. Anyway, you must at least do something, take part & enjoy it, or your life still can be boresome!

2 days of Gawai Festival, not manage to visit any bumi friend's house this year. Suddenly mood comes, have a "bad" idea, plan to go for a jungle tracking at Lambir Hills National Park at 1:00p.m. But due to some reasons, the plan spoilt.....haizzz......why every time I plan for something, must have something tries to crash it unexpectedly?

So what to do next? May be just go for a window shopping at Bintang Mega Mall, which just been expanded lately, with more shoplots, a new multy storey car park and very soon the Luxton Hotel. The fast food & beverage outlets like Big Apple, Sushi King, Marry Brown and etc has finally penetrate the market of Miri City, and has its first outlet in Bintang Mega Mall.


keeyit said...

I never see Gawai Festival before.

Nux V said...

happy belated gawai day!

ok, happy holiday coz tomoro is Agung's b'day! woo-hooo!!!!

anyway, enjoy ur shopping! has been months since i last do a proper shopping!

Josephine said...

The place looked clean in the first photo