Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills National Park, one of the attractions in Miri, located around 30KM from Miri City center, on the Miri-Bintulu Road. The park is well known with its flora & fauna species rich forest & few waterfalls, which is a nice place for sightseeing, jungle trekking & picnicking purposes.

My first visit to this park was around 4 years ago, unfortunately that time the park was closed to the public or visitors, as it was under renovation works. My 2nd attempt to this park was on the 2nd day of Gawai Festival, approximately 2 week ago. The entrance fee is RM10 per person.

Lambir Hills National Park

The entrance to the park begun with 2 long wooden bridges towards the jungle trails in the park. One of the bridge is not in use as it was broken at he middle part. My 1st target was the nearest Latak Waterfall, which is around 30 minutes walk from the park HQ.

broken wooden bridge

Different kind of flora & fauna species, 2 small waterfalls & few river streams which almost drying due to the long dry season were found along the jungle trail towards the Latak Waterfall. We have to cross a hanging bridge & a wooden bridge too before getting to the Latak Waterfall.

small waterfall

hanging bridge in the park

Latak Waterfall is about 25 metres high, it pluges into a large deep pool with broad sandy poolside. It is a nice spot for swimming, sunbathing & picnicking. Anyway, as I said earlier, quite a long time not raining in Miri, so the waterfall not look as magnificent as expected.

entrance to Latak Waterfall

Latak Waterfall pluges into a large deep pool

Latak Waterfall with broad sandy poolside

The next target was the Nibong Waterfall, which is about 1.38KM from the Latak Waterfall through the Pantu trail. The trail is begun with a long stone staircase (about 60-70 stair steps) at about 50°. There was a wooden pavilion & a 22 metres high tree tower at about 100M from the staircase. So sad, visitors are not allow to climb the old mildly rotten tree tower.

waterfalls found at Lambir Hills National Park

stone staircase towards the Pantu trail

22 metres high tree tower

Approximately after 25 minutes walk, FeRn heard the continuous rumbles of thunder, she is a bit frightened & worried might rain cats & dogs shortly. So she wanted to cease and return to the park HQ as fast as we could, while I insisted to proceed til we reach to the Nibong Waterfall. At last, the mission failed, I had to agree to cease after few minutes of arguing & hesitating.

When returned to the park HQ, it was still a sunny day, no sign that it will rain at all......sigh!


keeyit said...

A very high tree !

amei79 said...

keeyit: u mean the tree tower?