Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tanjong Lobang Beach

Hmm...almost a week time not update my blog! I am back to Miri last 2 week, that why I have limited chance to access the internet; between after a long break since my resignation 5 months ago, now I am started getting busy and busier these few days. If everything goes smoothly as planned, I will have a new start soon! Yes, I will be employed within 2 months time.

Trees Park & Children Play Ground at Tanjong Lobang Beach

As mentioned in the previous post, I planned to have a jungle tracking at Lambir Hills National Park on the 1st day of Gawai Festival, but have to cancel the plan and change to have a window shopping at Bintang MegaMall due to some unavoidable reasons. Well, at the last, Bintang MegaMall not visited too, as some one too "shyiok" had the so called "short" afternoon nap woh......Instead we brought 3 small kids (FeRn's nephews) to the Tanjong Lobang Beach at around 4:30p.m. ^ ^

long sandy beach with a pier extended 100m out to the sea surface

What nice at the Tanjong Lobang Beach? Besides the long sandy beach, a children play ground , a children paradise is found just right at the entrance to the beach. Next to the play ground are the food stalls (0pen air styled) which is a nice place for you to enjoy the seafoods & other local foods in the sea wind at the beach side.

There are 2 piers which are extended around 100M out to the sea surface. Some time you can see some people fishing at the another end of the pier(s). Playing with the sea water, kite flying & paragliding are the popular activities at the Tanjong Lobang Beach.


16 months old kid in the sea water


Unknown said...

looks like a good place for an evening sun :)

Anonymous said...

The 3rd photo from the bottom's really beautiful. What camera are you using?

I may be travelling to Miri soon...:)

levian said...

it is such a lovely place to hang. i took the photograph in this post: March 17 2008 there as well. :)

keeyit said...

I also want to go beach liao... I need a rest...

amei79 said...

QuaChee: Definitely...^ ^

Mei Teng: Olympus u travelling so admire ler.

levian: ok..u took a photo on the pier...

keeyit: some time rest at home better than rest outside...