Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KL Trip during Gawai Festival

29th May 2007 - LCCT

I & GF, Fern, depart from Miri Airport to LCCT at 22:25PM by Airasia Airline, arrived LCCT at around 00:45AM. So bad luck, don't know what is happening, wait for so long, but didn’t see all the Miri passengers' luggage in the Arrival Hall; even passengers from Kuching, which arrived at the same timing, have had their luggage and left the LCCT. Finally, luggage came out, but it was almost 1 hr later, at around 01:35AM. We were very sorry to Fern's friend, Chew & her BF, JiaRong, because they are waiting us at outside for that long...

JiaRong fetch us to his place at Sunway Garden with Chew's orange colored Savvy. Unfortunately, due to not obedient to the traffic light, has been stopped by a police car...after negotiation, he kindly "contribute" RM20 to the 2 poor policemen for supper...! hehe
After washing and everything, we 4 people slept on a single king size mattress (actually is combine of 2 mattresses)... ha-ha...so funny!

30th May 2007 – Genting Highland

Had breakfast (can consider as lunch) with Chew at around 11:30AM. Then she fetches us to Kelana Jaya Monorail Station, and accompanied us to KL Central. After bought the bus tickets to Genting Highland, we have a drink at MacDonald while awaiting the departure of bus at 13:30PM.
Arrived Genting Highland in a cable car at 15:00PM, direct proceed to the First World Hotel for room check in, but long Q, another 100 to reach our turn. Finally, we get to our room successfully after 45min. After settled all the luggage and bags, we went down to the Genting Theme Park counter and bought 2 tickets for the rides at the outdoor theme park.

We experienced the following rides:
1) Thrill Rides: Pirate Ship, Spinner, Cyclone, Flying Dragon, Grand Prix Fun Kart, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Corkscrew, and Space Shot.
2) Family Rides: Dinosaurland, Monorail.

A bit disappointed, because I missed the Flying Coaster, which for me, it would be the most challenging and exciting ride. You know why? Just because Fern not willing to accompany for this ride, she is too scare and delay the time deliberately, till almost 21:45PM. When we proceed to the Flying Coaster counter, didn’t see even single human’s shadow there, except the casher and workers who control & monitor the ride, so have to give up and have supper at KFC b4 getting back to room for rest.

31st June 2007 – Genting Highland

10:15AM, we were very rush, because woke up late. After bought the Snow House entrance tickets (the time scheduled was 11:30AM), I brought Fern to visit & have a look in Genting Casino, as she never been here b4. Then we were rushing back to Snow House at 11:30AM. Limited time (45 min) given for each visitor to enjoy and taste the cool weather in the Snow House. Wows, very co0l inside, my ears almost frozen, turn into reddish, and quite painful…

12:15PM, check out from First World Hotel, and walked around in the First World Plaza, visit those stalls by people from China. Several kind of unique, creative, traditional, and artistic products (e.g. paper cutting, sewing, crystals, musical tools, magical products...etc) were displayed and sold here.

17:15PM back to Tune Hotel. After shower, went to Sungei Wang to meet my eldest brother who is attending course at Menara Maybank. We had Japanese foods as dinner at Tepayakki. Later went to Petaling Street on foot.

1st June 2007 – KLCC Book Festival ’07

10:30AM, we went to KLCC Book Festival ’07 to have a look and shop books.

2nd June 2007 – Sunway Lagoon

11:00AM, we went to KL Central by Monorail, then took Bus No 67 from a bus stop near by KL Central, Monorail station to Sunway Pyramid. We had our late breakfast (Nasi Lemak) in Sunway Pyramid before we proceed to Sunway Lagoon.

When we reached entrance of Sunway Lagoon, it was almost 12 noon, with hot weather! We choose the package (Amuse Park and Water Park) which cost us RM45 each. We first played at Amuse Park, and then proceed to Water Park, both are very exciting.

Unfortunately, I dropped my spectacle into the human-made “river”; I tried to look into the water immediately for my spectacle, and tried to search it out at the near by area, but failed.

I almost want to give out, but Fern suggest me walk along the river” for another round to try the luck. Finally found, but one glass was broken, I guess some one should had stepped on it, picked it up and putted it at the “river” bank. Hmmm, what to do, have to enjoy the rest with blur eye sight loh.

3rd June 2007 – Sungei Wang & Times Square

10:00AM, We check out from Tune Hotel, and get permission to leave the luggage in Tune Hotel store room prior go to Sungei Wang for shopping. As my spectacle was broken yesterday, with blur eye sight, I felt less confident, so quickly went to Optical House and made a new spectacle. It was a CyberWork branded spectacle, quite expensive, cost me RM238.00... >$<
Then we shopping in Sungei Wang and proceed to Time Square. Anyway just few clothes bought, all together (Mine & Fern one) not more than RM200.

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