Friday, June 29, 2007

Little Business Trick

28 June 07 night, after dinner, I & Fern went to Bintang Plaza (Miri) to have a movie, unfortunately, no nice movie and the time scheduled not allow us to do so, so we just hang up in Parkson, and proceed Giant Supermarket before going home. My mood suddently came, and suggest to buy a bottle of fruit sparkling juice, Fern agreed. We searhed through the racks, not many choices, the prices range between RM5.99 to RM6.99. Finally we select a Non-Alcoholic Red Grape Sparkling Juice.

At the casher counter, once the casher scanned the barcode, Huh? The price shown on the casher machine was RM11.99! After query, the casher told that the cheaper price is for May branded, the one whe selected was EVA branded and abit more expensive. Hmm, I can’t beleave I looked at the wrong price? After a while hesitated, we just GAH and get selected sparkling juice paid without further argue.

Later we returned to the racks, noticed that all other brands sparkling juices with price tags labelled on the racks, except EVA sparkling juice! Hmm, I dont know whether this is their business trick to confuse the customers with the price or else.....but I seem have been cheated! >$<
This incident reminds me on a similiar trick practiced by fruit hawkers at Petaling Street (Pasar Seni), which has been told by my eldest brother during my holiday trip in KL (pls refer to my previous post: KL Trip During Gawai Festival). You can easily see the hand writting price boards (a piece of hardboard) displayed along the fruit stalls, as below:
...... ..Lychee
.................. RM5.00
.............. 1 KG
.. --RM3.00
-----------------------500 g
Try to step backward for few metres, and look at the price list above, what u see? Wow, 1KG of Lychee at RM3.00 only! You are wrong, it suppose to be 1KG = RM5.00, 500 g = RM3.00. Actually this tactic has been practiced at every where (normally at “pasar tani”, “pasar malam”...etc), just sometime we didnt notice and realize about it, until one day we come accross it. So, lady and gentleman, open ur eye widely......especially when come across to your admiring guy or girl...just kidding!

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