Friday, June 8, 2007

"Use Your Brain to Think" vs "Stupid"

Some people may thought that they are superior and smarter than other, they like to say: “Use your brain to think please!”, which sound like trying to scold people: “Stupid!”; sometime they even direct use the word “Stupid!”.
Hmm....just wanna clarify and sharing with u all, as I understood:
1. A died human, a syndrome down patient has a brain too, but dont think they can use their brain to think!
2. There is no stupid human in the world, but only those human who like to behaved liked an IDIOT.
3. A drunk human: “Im not drunk, u drunk!”
A mad human: “Im not mad, u mad!”
A stupid human: “...... , ......!” What u think a stupid human will says???
Last time I hate it when heard it, but now I have no more feeling on it, Im immuned! I would like to advice those “Superior” and “Smart
people to use their IQ & EQ to think and analyze things, instead of their brain.

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