Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Disappointment & Dissatisfactory – KFC Restaurant

Whenever I visit KFC restaurant, I’ll order Value Meal Set No 4, with hot spicy fried chicken; and whenever the server offers me the cutlery, I used to say “NO”, then he/she will remind me, it is pretty hot, better use the cutlery instead of hand! But I insist to have the meal with my hand.

Hmm, when I picked up the fried chicken, and tear off the surface layer, wow, the inner layer is “smoking” inside, it was really hot; I even can’t hold it with my hand, how can I put it into my mouth? They are right, I suppose listen to their advice. I’m regret and embarrassed because have been so headstrong.

Unfortunately, I rarely facing such awkward situation now, you know why? It is because when I tear off the surface layer of the fried chicken as usual, the inner layer becomes too good, it had quit from “smoking”, and learnt to be pretty cool...!!! (This happen to other products too, e.g. cheesy wedges, France fries...etc). Aren’t such products supposed to be served (or kept) in the hot condition? Sometime the fried chickens not even fresh, seem have been re-fried. What the awful product(s) has been served and where the standard/quality gone?
There is another story to tell, but to be continue in another post... ...

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