Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can We Trust Advertlets.Com?

Since last night Im experienced a problem in log in to my own blog, when I still awaiting the blog page finish to loading the page contents (files & images), it suddently & automatically re-direct my blog URL to other website URL which not belong to my ( Im so frustrated and worried of someone had do something on my blog, and I'll never get back my normal blog anymore in the future! ~SIGN~
This morning suddently someone name flashed over my mind, he might able to tell me what the problem is & how to get rid of I dropped an e-mail to for assistant. Later do some blog hopping, by chance, visited, this being the 1st time Im there and get to know that the domain of has expired, as adviced by him in his entry, temporary remove the advertlets's ads from blog will solve this problem (of course it works)! Between, thanks to iCalvin for the propt revert & explaination of the above issue.
When having the blog hopping, I noticed that most of the blogs still not yet back to the normal. So if you are one of the victims & recently reading my entry, please temporary remove the advertlets ads from your blog, while Im thinking permanently remoive it from my blog.
Why? I have heard fews bad comments on lately, one of them has been raised up by SlowCatchUpKuan. Secondly, is all above the trusty & confidence, how come the as one of the well developed Asia's blog advertising community can let this happen? How come they never realize that their domain is close to the expiring date and renew it before the date? If they do so, surely won't have such services interuption which brings an inconvenient to all blogs that put up their ads.
Will just disappear like this? I don't think so, as the shown in the picture below, the domain expired on 3 Jan, 2010....I think they have renewed their domain, but need sometime for the services recover & back to the normal.


Unknown said...

when i did the blog hopping yeasterday..I was kinda shocked when i saw this ad on my screen..I was thought a spyware..I don't have this ad on my blog but kind of frustrating to load the blogger page.Luckily it didn't happen today :)

Apple said...

It's been the 2nd day, yet the same problems remain..

WaiKee said...

Anyway, Adverlets domain sites was back. Hopefully they won't face the same problem again

Anonymous said...

they are back to serve everyone again~

Unknown said...

herm... seem like everyone is quite doubt bout d trustworthy of Advertlets.


advertlets is coming back. will u continue to use it anymore?
for me, i'll use it until it pay me, wahaha~

amei79 said...

i oso thought that it was a spyway, that moment i just worry my blog be gone like this...haha

i think all area have back to normal liao eh...

luckily they didnt just disappear like this...hope they keep the promise lah.

ya they are back with apologize!

as have heard few bad comments on advertlets, so...

bb community:
as u can c, i had put it back at the bottom of the blog. as what u say, no harm to try til im qualified to have the min pay amounth (RM50?)...this is call reality...lolz said...

i still give them a chance, and honestly, who no mistake...

amei79 said...
u r right. yesterday i saw a comic rgding dr chua's case, the content is "if u think that u never make any mistake, just throw a stone on him!". I give them a chance too!