Saturday, January 5, 2008

Please Allow Me to Have Dreams

Well, year 07 just in history 4 days ago, no matter it was a good year or a bad year for you, everything is over, you have no point to bother about it anymore, why? Because of we can't just "immerse" ourself in the pleasure memories, as there are many many other good better things awaiting us to knock their doors and of course there are lots of challenge awaiting us to overcome too; at the same time we can't just trapped ourself into the unpleasure memories and let it being the obstacles to move toward, is time to climb up & is time to do somethings to change it, but first you must at least have some initiative & motivation!
I noticed that most of the bloggers have their so-called new year resolution, is a good sign, at least they know what are they wanted and what are they living for...this kind of people normally have clear mindset & goal(s) , doing the thing(s) step by step with proper planning, they are closer to the door of "SUCCESS"! In other words, they might be a bit "KiaShu"...:p
Mmm~~~Allow me to have my new year resolution too, please be one of my listeners and see if one day I have make it dreams come true?
1. Buy myself a All-in-One (3 in 1) scanner with printing, copying & scanning features within the first 1/2 year. Had do some survey on this item (include the market price), currently 2 brands are in my target -- Canon PIXMA MP145 (cheapest quotation: RM248) & HP Deskjet F4185 (cheapest quotation: RM268). The cartridge for Canon is more expensive than HP. I prefer the Canon.
2. I have stopped reading book since late of Oct (almost 3 months) due to too crazy with blogging stuffs. In year 2008, I'll become book worm again & read at least 1-2 book(s) a month. Between, as all these while only Mandarin books read, so will try some English books as well. So far only one English book bought, "Secrets of Internet Millionaire" by Stuart Tan. (Note: I will post the book review here each time I finish read a book)
3. Im a bad credit cards' debtor, recently I have around RM4K of bad debt for my Master & Visa card (of course for some of you, this is only a small amount). I'll try to clear the debt within the first 1/2 year and keep it below RM200 (or less) per credit card monthly.
4. Will register a domain for my blog to replace my blogspot if able to achieve at least 25 visitors (readers) a day consistantly even not doing blog hopping and etc for certain period. But may not doing so too (have a domain) even had hit the target, as in my opinion, if blogging only for fun blogspot or other free domain is more than enough; unless we are really interested in internet marketing (IM) and wanna turn our blogs into online money making blogs, then a registered domain is strongly recommended, as it is all about trusty & confidence.
5. Visit at least 2 places or have vacation trip at least 2 times in year 08, hope can make it during the Harvest Festival (Gawai) & Hari Raya. Places to visit in the list are Langkawi Island, Cameron Highlands, Mulu National Park (Caves), Singapore and etc.
6. Money saving of RM200-500 monthly in bank account, of course this is not my final aim, I'll try up an investment if the time & opportunity comes, Im targeting one of the OSK Funds which the rate is recently at a decreasing trend.


curryegg said...

I *grant8 your wishes!

You will be the book worm within minutes; you will be the richest blogger in blogosphere and you will get more than 25 readers per day easily...

;) Haha..... nice wishes!
Wish you all the best. Anyhow, enjoy blogging oh..

Unknown said...

clear your debt as soon as you can so that you could achieve you other goals.good luck and i am sure you can do it.:)

amei79 said...

lolz, anyway 10s haha...
the 1st wish came true liao...:)

most of the debt are 4 company purpose, but aft claims been made, never use that $ to clear the debt...i can make it...!