Saturday, January 12, 2008

ChaSiu vs Chinese Tea


This is a real story...while Im studied in secondary school, I did few part-time jobs during my school holiday, such as as a waiter in a restaurant, as a saleman in Bata Shoes Factory, and as a pump attendant cum clerk assistant in Petronas Station.
My 1st part-time job was as a waiter in a restaurant (that time Im studied in Transition Class), called "Nam Hoi Lou" Restaurant (南海楼), and my big boss was my classmate's father. 1st day of work being a bad day for me, as no one guide me properly, I didn't know what (how) to do? So always get scold by the 2nd boss (big boss's brother). He scolded: "Why just stand there like a foreman and do nothing? If dont wanna work just go home...!"
After been scolded by him, so I start doing something, like get order from the customer crowd. There was a table of customers ordered "中国叉烧" with some other foods & drinks. Without hesitating & thinking too much, I went to the economic / fast food stall (经济快餐档)which incharge by 2nd boss, to make an order. Once he heard the words "中国叉烧", he shouted on me: "if drinks, please make order at drinks' counter...!"
Im a bit blur that time, but no choice, so just went to the drinks' counter and asked the girl who make drinks:"中国叉烧 order here isn't it?" She didn't answer my question, she lifted up a big tea pot & pour the tea inside a beer glass & past it to me:"Here is your 中国茶烧!" OMG, what a shame, it was "Hot Chinese Tea", not the Chinese Roasted Pork (ChaSiu) as I thougth......
As Im hardworking (it is true... :p), so at the last this 2nd boss (I called him B-哥)likes me very much & be so good to me...he taught me quite lots of things---the most memoriable one was the teaching on how to remove the bone from chicken claws. He was an expert, he can remove the bones from 3-4 chicken claws within one minute time!


Unknown said...

you are really hardworking ah!but why they call the tea so complicated name!!if the boss scold me like that,I will cry infront of hime..:( you really can tahan ah! said...

pronunciation always make people blur...

Nux V said...

finally u can changed someone who dislike u to someone who willing to share his skills..incredible!

Lee Chien said...

wah, first time i heard ppl say 'zhong guo cha shao' leh..

Apple said...

What a 中国茶烧, just wonder why must put the "siu" at the back, just like what we called "teh c peng"?? which the "peng" means cold? LOL

WaterLearner said...

Haha .. pronunciations can create a lot of jokes!!

WaiKee said...

LOL "中国叉烧" first impression was a pork rice.... but now these kind of name very common in cafe already. You'll see other tricky and fantastic drinks name as well

Chinneeq said...

haha....tell u, dont worry coz it is norm for ppl who work for the first time. Yeah...still remember first day is always blur blur for everyone, just a matter of time getting use to it :)


chinese char siew! wahaha~
btw, if u got a chance to go wong kok restaurant, u can try the "salty dog", actually it's a kind of drink~

Hazel said...

a simple tag for u hope u like it

amei79 said...

here we normally call its mandarin name "中国茶烧". the problem is i didnt know the existant of chinese tea that time. money needed, so just tahan loh...lolz & waterlearner:
i have pronunciation problem too for both mandarin & create alots of jokes...:)

nux v:
there are 3 boss in the restaurant, he is the one i most respect to...i call him an iron man!

lee chien:
here we seldom call the English name (chinese tea), unless the waiter/waitress is non-chinese or at certain restaurant, otherwise we just call "zhongguochasao"!

"烧"=hot (in hakka, otherwise we shall call 中国茶 "re de"), "peng"=ice (in hokkien).

agree, last a pub visited, all the drink with a sexy name something like "girl screaming..." lolz

mummy to qiqi:
u r right, aft adapted to the new environment, everything will go better & better...

bb community:
where is "wongkok" restaurant? in ur hometown taiping? if not mistaken, kuching BDC got a restaurant called wongkok too.

10s for the tag, this being my 2nd tag. will check it out.

Unknown said...

lol~ 中国茶烧...
here v call it "chinese tea" only~~~

Anonymous said...

ya,this means of malaysians!!!!=)

amei79 said...

sometime we call it "teh cina" in malay too, u know lah, now-a-day most of the kopitiam or restaurant, the waiter/waitress are indonesian mah...!

amei79 said...

malaysians = o-in-1 = rojak