Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fund Raising Health Screening Campaign

I just attent a 3-days Fund Raising Health Screening Campaign in Limbang last week (22nd to 24th Jan). This being the 3rd join project between my company & Lions Club of Limbang Mandarin.
Campaign banner hanging in front the clinic main door.
Well the campaign was successfully conducted. On the 1st day of the campaign, 71 participants came to redeem the blood test with vouchers (profiling test consist of Full Blood Picture, Lipid Study, Liver Function Test, Renal Function Test, Hepatitis B Screening, Rheumatoid Factor, Free T4, VDRL, Urine Examination & Hepatitis A IgG at RM88.00). On the 2nd day of the campaign, 86 participants joined in & on the 3rd day (the last day), another 70 participants came for the blood test, make it a total head count of 227 pax.
Although the response is not as good as the past 2 years (314 pax in 2006 & 298 pax in 2007 ), it was a great result anyway. Don't forget, Limbang just a small town!


Newspaper cutting (Sin Chew Jit Poh)

Limbang Plaza, Biggest Building in Limbang
(Combination of Shopping Mall & Purnama Hotel)
The view of Limbang River with Water Village
Ground floor of Limbang Market, besides vegetables, fruits & other raw stuffs,
wine & alcoholic drinks found at here too at very low rate (of course is underwater one lah),
even cheaper than those free duty one in Labuan Island.
Few bottles of alcoholic drinks bought as listed below:
1. Chivas 12 --- RM65 (1 Litre)
2. Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur --- RM63 (1 Litre)
3. Peter Vella (Red Wine) --- RM50 (5 Litres)
4. Benedictine D.O.M (法国朗酒 )--- RM58 (2 Litres)
Pasar Tani Limbang - Dried local products (salty fishes, dried prawns, ikan bilis...etc)

Pasar Tani Limbang - Ikan Salai (Smoked Fished) at RM16 per KG
Pasar Tani Limbang - Lukan at RM10 per tray (Favorite sea food for Bumi)
Pasar Tani Limbang - Rices derived from Bario
Wild Durian? Local people called it Buah Ukak or Durian Ukak
( not as sweet as the durian eaten by Merdurian... :p )
Buah Asam Paya - A sour fruits, a plant with thorny stem normally found at river bank


Anonymous said...

Cool Pictures... They dont have that type of food in the States.. thats for sure... ^_^ but cool pics

MOkiss said...

Hey Jong!!! congrats on ur success for doing the campaign !!!

amei79 said...

then if u got chance visit the place, don 4get to have a try ya...:)

10s...I enjoy bleed the the participants too.... :p