Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Roti Telur Satu!


There is a situation by which a sfuff is actually worldwidely famous, can be say that almost everone knew about it; but sometime when someone mentions about that stuff, we could be have no idea what is it? This make us looked like an idiot or a person who not in the society trend into others eyes.
Sarawakian (S) is communicate with a KL resident (K)
Example 1:
S: Hi, waitress, give me one tin of Cola.
K: Pardon, what u want?
S: Cola!
K: Ha...? Pardon?
S: Coca-Cola please...
K: Huh? U meant Coke iz?
S: Coke? no Coca-Cola please...
Example 2:
K: Hey, order me a Coke please!
S: Sorry sir, our cook is busy in the kitchen. Mind me to write down your order?.
K: No, I want the drink, Coke.
S: What?
K: Coke!
S: .............???
K: You see that, I want that drink! (with finger pointing to other table)
S: Oh..Cola iz, sir?
I guess most of you have experienced a similiar situation once or more before, this is neither my nor your fault. It is because of sometime we can call a stuff with several names in different place, even though we are in the same country. So next time when you are travelling, besides enjoying the view or scene (lanscape) or have some other funs & entertainments, please do remember to learn the culture & custom at the visited place too...
Another case happen during my university time. I went out for luch with a senior (we used to call him BoBo).
BoBo: What to eat?
Amei: How bout fast food?
Bobo: Okie...
When reached the restaurant (Kopitiam), BoBo was so curious!
BoBo: Why we come here? Didn't u say wanna eat fast food?
Amei: Correct, here it is...(with finger pointing to a stall)
BoBo: .......????
The reason is simple, as the term "Fast Food Restaurant" normally represents those restaurants like McDonald, KFC, Mary Brown's, Sugarbun (Available in Sarawak only) and etc. So when I mention the words "fast food", BoBo thought that we are going to visit one of the above restaurants. But what I meant is "经济快餐" (Economic Fast Food) like "Nasi Campur" (rice with meats & vegetables).
At last he has to agreed with me, as such "fast food" really can be served in very short moment. Some even practicing the "Self Service" system, by which you can go to the stall to get whatever dishes you want, pay at the counter & have a sit to enjoy the meal, that all, is faster than those so called "Fast Food Restaurant"! :p


JK said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Did you draw the comics? It's very funny. What you say is very true. We often miscommunicate.

Anonymous said...

this called communication barrier loh

Unknown said...

LOL!This is the most funny joke I ever heard..You're right..Even thought when i was in sabah ,I tried to speak Kl slang to the waiters..they seems don't understand what I said..Amei79!about the award in my post,you can save the pic and paste it to your post and then pass it on to someone you admire.Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The waiters need to study more la... :P

Hazel said...

haha a good joke

amei79 said...

welcome 10s for ur visit too.
yup, my very own comic...if u like it pls do drop by here oftenly...hihi

agree, is interesting subject to learn...:)

but we stil proud as a malaysian, as we can speak at least 2 or more languages, myself can speak 5: malay, english, mandarin, hakka & cantonese...:p

all people must study more, prefer in different kind of field, instead of stand firm on our own profesion.

ya gd joke, n hope every1 can learn the moral of the joke!

Nux V said...

yea...communication barrier! so hard to adapt! especially in a multiracial country!