Monday, February 4, 2008

Malay Friend Wedding Day

I & Fern just attent a Malay friend, Rini's wedding ceremony yesterday morning. She is Fern's x-coursemate cum good friend in Sibu Nursing Colleague. She is now posting in Marudi Hospital as a trained staff nurse.
The bride, Rini Binti Taha

The bridegroom, En Mohd Khairi Arman, a police officer form KL

According to Fern, Rini knows this guy, Mohd Khairi Arman through her elder sister introduction with the contact no provided. They (Rini & Mohd Khairi Arman) later know each other via the messaging & keep in touch closely with either SMS or phone calls. Don't know how & since when they started have feeling on each other, they seem fall in love...

As Mohd Khairi Arman is a policeman, he is too busy & hard to get his leave approved to come over to Miri to meet Rini. So no choice, Rini has make a decision bravely, she wanna fly to KL to meet with this guy who she tought that might be her Mr Right! She didn't bother the advices from her close friends like Fern & Hwei Chen. Finally she flied to KL somewhere around Nov 07 to meet her Mr Right for the very 1st time alone. Well, she seem had a nice days with her Mr Right there.

Not long after Rini back to Miri from the KL trip, she announced to her close friends that she wanna marry with the Mr Right. They all shocked? Anyway, it isn't a joke, Rini finally has dream come true & married with Mohd Khairi Arman on 3th Feb 2008. Wishing this new couple have a very happy wedding day and may them be well & happy!

This reminds me a post, "Online Dating - Is It Way The Way Of The Future?" by Well, true love can happen at anytime & anywhere without our expectation. It just like the miracle(s)! So no matter how and what the condition, please don't ever to miss any chance to win youself a Mr Right or White Snow Princess. It just see how far you believe in Miracle Making; how dare are you in trying it up; and how confident are you to turn the wild dream or wish into the reality. In short, "Whenever here is a impossibility, there is a possibility too"!

The new couple, Mohd Khairi Arman & Rini Taha dressed in green
The new couple, Mohd Khairi Arman & Rini Taha dressed in white
Invited guests, I noticed that I & Fern are the only Chinese guests attent the ceremony!
The bridegroom & bride with the family members
From the left: Me, Mohd Khairi Arma, Rini & Fern
From the left: Me, Mohd Khairi Arman, Rini & Fern
Gift to Rine, an ELLE watch, cost around RM250.
We are given this each, a hand-make rose with a cooked egg. Does it bring any meaning?


Anonymous said...

She looks a bit chinese ya.. Hehe

Furthermore, her wedding dress look very grand le.. must be rich lol

Unknown said...

Wow!what an interesting love story.She is beautiful.And I like the green deco too.Wish her all the best.:)

Jie said...

Bunga telur is viewed as a symbolic object that carries deep meaning of Malay heritage .

The egg represent or symbolise a fertile union between the couple as the egg is the symbol of fertility. In some sense, by giving away eggs, it was hoped that the newly wed couple will also be blessed with fertility and thus have their own children in the future.

In this modern days, most of malays do not really care about 'bunga telur' especially in urban area. In wedding ceremony, 'bunga telur' was replace by other things else such as cakes,fruits and candy.

Personally, I think that the wedding is not complete without bunga telur.

* xin nian kuai le.. Wishing your Year Of The Rat sparkless with Joy, Good Luck and Good Fortune!!

Anonymous said...

ELLE watch, valentine's present huh?

amei79 said...

I not sure if she is pure malay or melanau. hmm, as a staff nurse, cant be rich la even with 30% increment...unless work in arab saudi at RM8k or more a mth...:)

some paktou more than 5 yrs but end out with bridegroom & bride is other guy or girl...haha
i like the deco too.

10s for the explaination, jie.
i hold the egg carefully the whole ceremony...but when back home, just noticed that it was a cooked egg...lolz

no lah, is present for the bride.
Huh...vickie links me to merdurian? this ur real name?

ita.itu said...

hi amei...cantik gmbr 1st tu...comel jek...salam kenal

amei79 said...

yup, she is pretty.
10s for the visit ya.