Thursday, February 21, 2008

First Reward for My Blog

I participated in the "Chipster Nothing Else Matter" Contest which organized by Nanone somewhere around Sept 07. I received a call from Danone whilst Im attending a training course in KK last week. They asked me for the address, as they wanted to send me a prize. First, Second & Third prize is not mine...Im just the "Blogger-verse-Bonus" winner for the week 4 of the contest.

Week 4 Featured Blogger as shown in Chipster Friendster Profile. (My image in green circle)

Blogger-verse-Bonus" winner (My name in red circle)

Official letter & prize received from Danone (guess what is inside?)

Inner side of the gray box, perhaps you should know what is it now?a

1 GB Handy-Drive, 1st reward for my blog


Unknown said...

wow, so nice.
I dun even know gt such event.
Gratz to u!

curryegg said...

Congratulation to you!
The thumb drive is beautiful!

Apple said...

That's so cool. congrats and wow a free 1gb pendrive.

amei79 said...

Renge, curryegg, apple:
TQ...i think they have another contest with Naffnang, by which u only need to take a photo with chipster pack in ur pajamas...

but, I dont have any pajamas...:P

Anonymous said...

I also want free gift... ;D

amei79 said...

Then u should join the 2nd contest as mentioned luck.