Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Online Dictionary vs Offline Dictionary

Be honest, how is my English level? Of course, you never can tell me the answer if all these while you only try to guess the post contents by looking on those uploaded photos and never read through every word or sentence in my posted entries...: )
It being a reality that I’m very poor in English subject since studied in primary school. I always failed in my both English listening, writing and reading tests…the highest I able to score for this subject is only the “C”! Tell you what? I scored a “band 3” in the MUET during Form 6.
For an example, writing this entry which seem short & simple has consumed me almost an hour. Poor English has limits my ability in present my thought & feeling to others; it narrows my post writing categories & fields too. Most times I need an English-Chinese-English Dictionary whenever I’m writing or blogging in English, not for the grammar perhaps, but for the reasons below:
1. Most of the English words come in my mind, I not really sure their meaning, so have to double confirm!
2. Most of the things I don’t know how to say them in English words.
The problem is that normally it is thick & heavy, not that convenient for me to bring along an English-Chinese Dictionary to wherever I go. So best way for me to solve this problem is:
1. I found that certain version of Chinese Star programs are pretty good (e.g Chinese Star 2.97); it provides users an English-Chinese Dictionary (as shown in the picture below). So with such Chinese Star program installed in the PC, it helps me a lot in blogging in English.

English-Chinese Dictionary by Chinese Star 2.97
2. Not long ago, I found a website which provides users an Online Dictionary Service, which I feel that quite user friendly. It not only provides English-Chinese-English Dictionary, but also in few other languages like Portuguese, Italian, German, French & so on. For more information, please don't hesitate to head on This Online Dictionary recently is my first choice in blogging life. Of course there are plenty of other similar websites in the internet, but this is the only one I familiar of.

Online Dictionary Service by



Anonymous said...

to me If read tangible books I will definitely use back the tangible dictionary. Because I am a lazy person who can multi-tasking 1

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter how bad your english long as you keep improving em, you are better than yesterday!

Anonymous said...

good job on your translating from chinese to english.. i found a few mistakes, and i call them mistakes just for the fact that english speaking people do not usually speak like that so i could tell you used a program to translate.. but the material is good...

just practice practice practice...

i try to learn chinese.. and it is so hard for me and i cheat as well by using the translating programs.

but as long as you practice.. youll be great in no time


Anonymous said...

All you need is alittle more practice... I can tell you used a program because people who speak english do not speak like that, but its a start. atleast the material is good.


Unknown said...

I still online dictionary to improve my english level.I don't write and read chinese but soemtimes do translate from english to malay.

Hazel said...

a simple tag for you..Have a nice weekend!

amei79 said...

Im lazy than u, I will surely ask my "personal voice dictionary"...if anyone near by me.

agree, my english improve abit since i join the blogging life...
3.8 reminds me the coming election day (8/3)....lolz

Translation program? good idea but not going to use it, as some time it cant be correct. prefer read more, talk more & hear more...!

I found that transalate from English -Chinese easier that from Chinese-English.

Ok, 10s