Friday, February 22, 2008

My Simple 29th Birthday

Im getting old & older by turning into 29. Yes, I just celebrate my 29th Birthday 2 days ago! Well, it was just a very simple birthday celebration with no beer, no party, no BBQ, no friend crowd & no gift...I only with Fern accompanied me the whole day.
I had my simple birthday dinner with Fern in Nine2Five Cafe, located at Pelita Commercial Centre. This being the first time I dine in 925. It is a nice & romantic place for couple to have fun, I love their environment very much, of course the foods were delicious too.
Internal view of Nine2Five Cafe
I ordered a plate of Marmite Chicken Rice
Fern ordered a plate of Mongolia Chicken Rice
Extra dish: Home-Made Season Beancurbs
Extra dish: Tomyam Soup
A small Chocolate Cheese Cake as my Birthday Cake
After the dinner, we did a visitation to Amy's house & her begun the most exciting session-gambling! haha....Whilst drinking the red wine (Peter-Vella), I played Black Jack with her family members & friends. Well, as usual, my luck only be too good at the very first & later the so called "LUCK" seem started to boycott me caused me lost RM10 at the last...I think this is what we called "十赌九输"; no wonder the elderly claimed that "Gambling Won't Make You Rich"! I should take the advice...:p


Sweetiepie said...

Happy birthday!The food looks delicious!I guess 29 is still consider young cuz one more year to turn into 30s.:)

Nux V said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

amei79 said...

sweetiepie: internal stil young...but the external look cant cheet anyone.

nux v:
thank you....nux

Apple said...

Happy belated birthday. To have your girlfriend accompany you during birthday is more than enough. May all your wish come true.

cbenc12 said...

happy belated birthday ya.. fern is ur gf?

vickie said...

huh didn't know you already 29 years old zz still happy belated birthday to you :)

lynnx01 said...

Aha! This is the place people recommend me to try out, but I never manage to find where is it in Pelita Commercial Centre. Hmm.. but now, on diet.. can't eat la.

Renge said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

amei79 said...

I agree, as I believe u say this base on ur experience...TQ

10s, yup she is my lovely gf.

hmm...simple words but seem with hidden meaning behind...lolz

That meant u from Miri loh...
pls feel free to dine in 925, just behind the klinik dr cheu, close to the "tian tian cafe"...same area lah.

thank you...