Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Thought of CNY Greeting Card

Received a Chinese New Year greeting card from my direct sale (Amway) upline last few days. (Don't worry, Im not going to promote you any direct sale products or services, Im just a "sleeping member"... :p ). I like the design of the greeting card, it is unique!
Front view of the Chinese New Year greeting card
Nothing, just recently Im reading a book by Wilson Lim, "创新中国". It is all about how we can have a new innovative or creative idea in creating or doing a thing. One of the idea is to combine 2 items become 1 item for the convinient & on demand, liked the greeting card I mentioned above, it is a combination of a greeting card & a calender.
Back view of the Chinese New Year greeting card (with calender printed on the back)
Well I can't remember since when I never buy or send Chinese New Year greeting card(s) to friends or relatives during CNY, I think it should be since Im studied in university if not mistaken, and since that I seldom receive any greeting card too! I don't know why now-a-day Im not in the mood to do such warm & meaningful thing; Im not sure too whether it should be considered as one of the cultures / traditional / customs of the Chinese population to do greeting card distribution during CNY?
The role of the greeting cards (hard copy) are slowly take over by the e-Card (soft copy). As most of the e-Cards are available on the internet at FOC, which ready to send and can reach the receiver(s) /destination around the world via E-mail within few seconds only. Compare to the hard copy, it save both cost & time; it is so convenience with no time limit, you can send an e-Card at anytime, even at very last minute (if there is no disturbant like Streamyx line down) !




Hazel said...

have a nice weekend!

Nux V said...

it has been quite some time i never receive a CNY card...(yea, those red cards, not ecards)..

vickie said...

This year I don't even receive an E-Card. Anyway I still prefer the tangible copy of these gift card

rLing said...

i send sms only. worse still.

amei79 said...

10s, how is ur CNY celebration?

nux v:
give me ur add, i post u one red card next CNY k? haha...

I only received the animation in friendster...

now even sms also lazy le...:p