Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Late Update on CNY Celebration

Firstly, sorry for not updating my blog for another long period (around 10 days) , as I went back to hometown, Kuching for CNY celebration on 5/2 and returned to Miri on 11/2 (no internet line at home), later travelled to Kota Kinabalu on 15/2 to attend a training course.
Well, Im not really busy in the recent month, but the travels to Kuching & KK make me feel like can't settle down myself yet, I meant in term of emotion & mood (not the accommodation); it seem like the rhythm of my normaly daily life has been interrupted by these 2 travels. ~SIGN~ It seem I still can't adept to frequence travelling life!
On the CNY eve, nothing to do at home, only awaiting the time to come for the CNY eve dinner. After the CNY eve dinner, I went out with Marvin to have a drink and look look around at Kuching town area, see if any obvious changes or developement? a


Many "Sakai" stop their cars on the fly over (near by the BDC) to watch the fireworks!

Here somemore "Sakai"....of course we are 2 of them...:p

First day of CNY, still stay at home with no program the whole day, but did went out at night time with Form 5 x-classmates, Apaw, Sonny, CK, WH, and TI who just finished watching the Stephen Chow's movie - CJ7 (I didn't join them, as Marvin has booked me a ticket for CJ7 on 9/2). We went to Dennis' house, what else? gambling & play Black Jack loh...:p I lost RM13 that night! >$<
2nd day of CNY, not going anywhere at the day time too. I went out with Apaw & CK at night time, met other friends like Sonny, TI, & SF at YP & Jennifer's house (who just married in Oct 07). We later went to Su-Ann & JoJo's house, and returned to YP's house again for gambling session...: ) Oh shit...at last I lost RM90 in the game...T_T....>$$$<>
Marvin fetched me to Lydia's house in his car in the morning on the 3rd day of CNY. We met with Calvin & Christina (張棟梁-Nicholas Teo's sister) and we had our lunch at Lydia's house. After lunch, Jonathan's house visited and later hanging at Christina's house.

Calvin & Lydia viewing photos of Christina's Switzerland travelling trip

Christina & Lydia is busy setting up the digi-camera for group photo session

Well Nicholas Teo was at home during our visit, but he only went downstair when we were ready to leave Christina's house for the movie-CJ7 at 3:15P.M. in Star Cineplex.

Poster of Stephen Chow's movie - CJ7

4th day of CNY, I went to sing Kara-OK with Marvin, Lydia, Christina, Diana & Jason in "吃喝唱乐" at Crown Plaza from 11:00AM to 15:00P.M. Christina can sing very well, she sang lots of mandarin songs which Im not familiar of...: ). 4 of us (Me, Marvin, Christina & Lydia) dine in Food & Tea Cafe at the Spring Shopping Mall after finished the Kara-OK session.

Good bye to others' wives & see you may be the next year?
Christina (who will marry in June 08) & Lydia (who will marry end of year 09)



Unknown said...

calvin, not kelvin o. will send u the pics when lydia in pg by may. she said one..haha.

glad to c u this cny. c u next yr. hope i have a new future path later on. quite miserable now in fact.

amei79 said...

sorry for typo, amended to Calvin.
glad to meet u too...and 10s for being my driver during CNY...Happy Chap Goh Mei & Lunar Valentine day.